Private Investigator in OKC Tips for Investigating Catnip Cartels

Cats Make a Good Pet

Drug-related offenses, which may include sales, trafficking, and the use of illicit drugs, are one of the most technical cases for a private investigator in OKC.

This is why most private investigation agencies in Oklahoma ensure their private investigators in Oklahoma are well-groomed in the techniques required to work effectively.

Dr. Keefe’s KPI (Keefe Private Investigators) ensures the necessary tools are at the disposal of their private detectives to carry out a State wide Oklahoma Private Investigation on running cartels and other related drug offenses.

Catnip is one of the rampant drugs being traded illegally in Oklahoma. The mint plant is psychedelic to cats,  like marijuana is to humans. Hence, there are lots of people trafficking this drug to use on cats and even running a cartel for the drug.

The alarming increase in these cartels makes it an essential case for private investigators in Oklahoma to look into, considering the adverse effects these drugs may have on cats.

We look into everything you need to know about the plant (drug) and tips that can help private investigators Oklahoma City with their investigation.

What is Catnip, and How does it Affect Cats?

According to the United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Catnip is a Schedule Inipcotics. The plant is used as an illicit drug on plants, causing them to get hyperactive (high), in a way similar to marijuana’s effect on humans.

The catnip business is booming, and there are various cartels located in various states of the U.S, including Oklahoma. Many Animal welfare facilities that house cats and pet owners are known to be major buyers of Catnip for various reasons.

Effects of Catnip on Cats

As mentioned earlier, Catnip affects cats like marijuana does to humans. Hence, a private investigator Oklahoma City should be on the lookout for similar behavior of an individual on psychedelics in cats.

Below are some of the likely effects Catnip may have on cats:

  • Increased Aggressiveness — The effects of Catnip vary from cat to cat, and one of such effects could be making a cat more aggressive.

At the moment of using the substance on a cat, they become very restless and have sharp reflexive reactions, which may hurt anyone trying to touch or play with them.

Some cats get calm after the effects of the drugs wear out, while others imbibe the aggressive habit over time.

  • Hyper activeness — Excessive play, rolling, flipping, rubbing, etc., are other effects Catnip can have on your cat. While these effects do not usually last longer than 10-12 minutes, they’re always intense.

Research shows that not every feline family member is sensitive to sniffing the minty plant (Catnip). And after the first effect, it takes two hours for the same cat to react to the plant again.

Catnip isn’t a harmful plant and can be put to good use on cats, just like marijuana can be beneficial to humans too. However, the rate of administration and the indiscriminate use make some cats addictive, affecting their physiological and psychological makeup.

Thus, private investigators in Norman, Oklahoma, private investigators in Edmond, Oklahoma, and other private investigators Oklahoma take up the responsibility to protect animal welfare by seeking to reduce the plant supply rate.

You can only achieve this by going after the cartels making the processes and addictive form of the plant available to abusers.

Here are tips PIs can use to discover these cartels:

  • Identify the law’s disposition — The disposition of the law on any crime is essential before a private investigator OKC can investigate such crime.

You need to research and familiarize yourself properly with the provisions of the law on the crime so as not to waste effort.

Be clear on which of the cartel’s activities are overreaching and not under the law’s constraints. Also, ensure that the lawfully backs whatever measure or technique of investigation you employ.

  • Build Solid Intelligence Network — Investigation that involves You can’t conduct serious crimes like drug-related offenses alone.

Hence, a private investigator Oklahoma would need to build a strong intelligence network that can supply first-hand information and tip-off when needed.

Your intelligence network should be as equally effective as they’re discreet. You must also ensure that your communication medium is secured and can’t be breached by a third party.

  • Conduct discreet site Visitation — Discreet site visitation based on an intelligence report can help a private investigator Edmond Oklahoma gather visual and pictorial evidence that can help the case. Strategic interviewing of nearby people around the area can also reveal vital information.

However, the private detectives in The Village must be professional enough not to sound too inquisitive, to avoid raising suspicions.

He could also bring a cat along to the site, first to blend in and also to leverage the cat’s sense of smell and strong affinity for Catnip. This could also prove helpful.

  • Close monitoring of Prime Suspects — The network of cartels runs way too deep that a single burst can’t bring everyone involved to book. Hence, the private investigator OKC needs to investigate the case individually — one step at a time.

Monitoring each suspect separately can help you dock them one after the other, rather than going after everyone at once. You can start by investigating the ones at the bottom of the production and distribution chain before moving up gradually.

  • Background Check on Prime Suspects — Financial records, past criminal records, court cases, health history, and other available data in major databases can provide vital leads during your investigation.

Ensure you review every available database and dig deeply to find essential information that can aid your investigation of the prime suspects.

This could give you an insight into the persons financing the cartel, the locations of other cartel branches, production and distribution volume, how much money is being made, and who the major consumers are.

This information can help a private detective shut down the operation permanently and bring the offenders to book.


Private investigators (PIs) have different approaches No

towards each case, but sometimes one approach works for multiple cases.

Such a scenario is the case of investigating a catnip cartel. The tips above are effective for solving drug-related crimes and other fraudulent/illegal activities in Oklahoma.

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