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Have you ever needed to locate an individual but did not know how? Well, if this sounds like you, then you are in luck! 😊 You can hire a real estate skip tracer from our private investigation agency in Oklahoma City to conduct a nationwide skip trace service to find potential real estate leads or anyone else you are trying to locate quickly and easily. So, how can you locate a skip tracer? It really is quite easy. 😊

Real Estate Skip Tracing Services:

Many times, realtors and other home flippers need to locate people who own a particular property to ask them if they would be willing to sell their property for money. They might know who the people are, but it can be very time consuming to visit each homeowner in person. Who has time to do that? Indeed, it is much easier to simply call or text each property owner to ask them if they are interested in selling the property(ies) she/he/they own(s).

To obtain their email addresses and phone numbers, a realtor or other speculative home buyer/investor can find a real estate skip tracer or a process server from a private detective agency to help conduct a skip trace service. By providing your skip tracer near me with some information that she/he/they will need to conduct the nationwide skip trace service, you can get the information you need quickly and easily for an incredibly low and affordable cost.

Whom Can Real Estate Skip Traces Locate?

Many of our clients come to our process servers in Oklahoma and our real estate skip tracers at our private detective agency near me hire us to conduct skip tracing real estate purposes. However, we have clients from all backgrounds and levels of society, such as attorneys, private individuals, private investigators, brokers and real estate agents, and individual citizens and residents. Indeed, many of our clients have a wide and varied/diverse range of needs, when trying to hire a private eye to locate a missing person they wish to find quickly and inexpensively. Some of the reasons people seek to find a skip trace service near me from a PI agency near me to locate missing persons include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Civil Suits for Service of Process
  • Locating Witnesses and/or Defendants in Civil/Criminal Cases
  • Locating People Who Have Oklahoma Unclaimed Assets Their State is Holding
  • Finding Long-Lost Loves/High School and College Sweethearts
  • Finding Missing/Estranged Family Members/Friends – Not For Stalking Romantic Partners, Though
  • Locating Homeowners For Property Sales/House Flipping
  • Checking Out Your Boss/Lover/Parents’ or Kids’ Lovers, Future Employees’/Tenants’/Business Partners’ Civil & Criminal Backgrounds
  • Child Custody Disputes/Missing Kids Investigations
  • Child Support Claims
  • Car & Home Repossession Claims
  • Other Legal Reasons, As Necessary

Do you see just how necessary this can be? Our real estate skip trace service by our real estate skip tracers and process servers at our private investigation agency in Edmond can really assist brokers, realtors, attorneys, and many others who need to locate a missing person or find a missing kid. You can hire a private eye at our PI agency and get easy access to the latest technology and skills that we have to offer. Why wait? Contact us today! 😊

Cost of Skip Tracing:

As of the date we are publishing this page, our light skip traces only cost $149. Full comprehensive civil and criminal reports, which include everything contained in a light skip trace service plus a whole lot more only cost a mere $198. Social media scans/deep Internet searches are also only $198. Purchasing a full comprehensive civil and criminal background check and social media scan/deep Internet search from one of our process servers near me or skip tracers together only costs $396.

Speed of a Skip Trace Service:

Once you make your payment and provide all the information we need, then we can often run your skip trace the same day. Our staff at our private investigation agency will make the process quick and easy for you to get the results you need when you need them.

What Other Information Can Nationwide Skip Tracing Find For Our Clients?

Our light skip traces are mostly intended for clients who are seeking to locate and/or contact an individual person. Real estate professionals who are seeking to locate people for land sales or home buying/house flipping will find our real estate skip tracing will receive the following information:

  • Current & Former Residences for the Person You Are Seeking
  • Full Legal Name of the Person of Interest, Including Aliases
  • Current & Former Phone Numbers for the Individual
  • If for an Attorney, Full Social Security Numbers, Dates of Birth, & Drivers’ Licenses Numbers
  • If for a Real Estate Agent or Broker, Partial Showing of the Social Security Numbers, Partial Dates of Birth, & Partial Drivers’ Licenses Numbers
  • Former & Current E-mail Addresses for the Individual
  • A List of Immediate Family Members of the Person

As you can clearly see, real estate agents and brokers, among others, will find our nationwide real estate skip tracing extremely helpful to being able to locate missing persons. These types of skip trace services for real estate investors who are seeking to locate owners of properties to conduct real estate business transactions. 😊

For those needing more extensive information about an individual, such as attorneys, law enforcement, private investigators, and others seeking people fleeing from civil lawsuits and criminal charges, our comprehensive civil and criminal background checks and deep Internet searches/social media scans will prove to be extremely beneficial to you. In addition to the information contained in light skip tracing for realtors, our real estate skip tracing for brokers and real estate agents also includes the following information:

  1. Marriage License Information – California Only
  2. Birth Certificate Information – California Only
  3. Nationwide Criminal Background Information/Criminal Charges
  4. UCC Filings
  5. Professional Licenses
  6. Bankruptcies
  7. Civil Judgments
  8. Gun Licenses
  9. Equalization & ABC Licenses – California Only
  10. Motor Vehicle Report
  11. Lists of Titled Properties, Such as Vehicles/Homes/Businesses, Vessels
  12. Evictions
  13. CARFAX Reports
  14. Voter Registrations
  15. Pilot Licenses
  16. Much More! 😊

Effectiveness of Skip Tracing for Real Estate:

In most circumstances, when you hire a nationwide skip trace service at our private detective agency to conduct our nationwide skip trace service, we usually get our clients amazing results unless a few circumstances have occurred. Instances where our skip tracing or real estate agents may not prove to be as effective may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The Person of Interest Has Died
  • The Individual Left The Country
  • The Person of Interest is a Minor
  • The Individual is Incarcerated
  • The Person of Interest Has Recently Moved
  • The Individual is in a Nursing Home/Mental Health Facility
  • The Person of Interest Keeps All Her/His/Their Utilities, Etc., in Someone Else’s Name

If any of the above occurs, then our real estate skip tracers and their nationwide skip tracing will not be as accurate. However, since our private investigation agency near me is an ethical one that cares about its clientele, if you do not get the residential address you need with a light skip trace the first time our skip tracers and process servers at our PI agency will happily re-run it for you for free once a month for the next five months. All you need to do is to e-mail or text us, and we will rerun the light skip trace for you the same day. How can you or other private eyes beat that?! 😊

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