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Private Investigators Handle Missing Person’s

Private investigators In Oklahoma can receive a multitude of job requests during their tenure. And while some can come with complaints about a cheating partner or about LGBTQIA+ discrimination, some come with the task of locating a missing person.

Every private investigation agency in OKC tends to handle these cases with special care, especially when it comes from concerned family members. While there is a possibility that the individual just skipped town, there is an even higher possibility that they might be in danger. But if you have ever been curious how a private detective goes about a case like this, this detailed explanation can help.

Who Usually Hire a Private Investigator in OKC for a Missing Person’s Report?

Many people would want to place a missing person’s report. If the first people who came to mind were concerned parents or family members, then you are not wrong. People who bring these reports in most often are concerned family members who want to find out where their children or friends are. However, there can be times when other people can bring in missing person’s reports to the private investigator in Oklahoma City.

There have been times when employers have come to a private investigator in Oklahoma asking for help locating employees. The missing person might have taken out a loan and possibly ran away with the money. Or the employer might be genuinely concerned about their employee’s well-being and would like to find out what happened.

Sometimes, debtors will approach a private investigation agency in Oklahoma City to locate a debtor who cannot be found. They may be looking to recoup their assets, or the debtor might be a family member looking to find out more about the missing person.

Concerned family members will sometimes approach a private investigator in OKC because the police can no longer continue following the case. The police can only dedicate their time and other resources to a specific case. Therefore, the case will eventually go cold, and they will no longer follow up on the issue. So from there, concerned individuals will take up the issue with a private detective instead.

What is a Missing Person’s Investigation?

While it may seem obvious what something like a missing person’s investigation can entail for an individual, there is more to understand. The term missing persons is always so narrow that most people who could be missing will never fall under the definition. And when the police continue to operate under this logic, many cases will go cold. They either do not have the time or the resources to follow through on the case.

Unlike a private investigation agency in Oklahoma, the police do not pay for their cases. Therefore, they will sometimes only look for the missing person when they were lost or when the case was reported. And if a serial killer has kidnaped the person, then the police handling a case might be too slow for the concerned persons.

Furthermore, the police will also omit cases where the individual has left home voluntarily or if the individual was homeless. If they find signs that the individual has gone of their own accord, the police will usually declare that the person has run away and will not follow up on the case. They might make an exception if the person missing is a minor, as they might be in danger. But if the person is over the age of 18, the police will usually let the case go cold.

Even though the police try their best to solve these crimes, they are often underequipped or stretched too thin to handle crime at such a massive scale. Therefore, they will usually find it difficult to follow through on a case and help people who need it.

How Does a Private Investigator in Oklahoma Locate a Missing Person?

There are multiple ways that a private investigator in Oklahoma will locate a missing person. Some of these include:

Performing a Background Check

The first thing that they will usually start with is a proper background check on the individual. Humans are creatures of habit, and there is a chance they might have gone to a place that they like or have gone to meet someone. Even if the private investigator in OKC cannot find the missing person there, that location can be a good place to start.

Furthermore, a background check can also help identify some of the behavioral patterns that the missing person might have. They could be meeting with different people, they might have a favorite person, or they could have a suspicious person that they are in contact with.

Looking Through Hospitals and Morgues

This is usually the first place that a private detective will start looking. A private investigation agency in Oklahoma City will usually provide the investigator with the numbers of the different hospitals and morgues. They can call these different establishments and confirm if an individual has come through.

The investigator might even describe the person if the hospital or morgue finds them without any identification. Morgues and hospitals will also make official reports to the police about specific types of patients, so calling them can be a good idea.

Using Surveillance

With how technology has managed to saturate our lives, it can be very likely that the missing person was caught on camera. If the private investigator can connect the dots and find out the individual’s last known location, they can see if they were there or where they could have gone next.


If you are looking for a private investigation agency in Oklahoma, Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers can help. Our experienced private investigators will locate missing persons using the techniques mentioned above.

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