How Effective Is Skip Tracing?

If you live in the US, you may already know skip tracing. However, if you don’t know already, skip tracing in Oklahoma means finding an individual through information search. It’s an effective method of determining the unknown location of a specific target. Normally, a skip tracing service provider will look into drivers’ licenses, vehicle registration records, court records, public databases, and private databases to search for the person you wish to find.

Be it a matter of court, sensitive cases of minorities (such as LGBTQIA+ or African-Americans), or debt collection, skip tracing is a profound tool to get results. The most common providers of skip tracing service in Oklahoma City include private investigators and bounty hunters. If you’re tired of searching for “skip tracing service near me,” read this post to learn more.

What’s the Professional Skip Tracing Process?

Every skip tracer will have set priorities that they act upon as they try a combination of different methods to help clients. While some private investigators offer nationwide skip tracing, others stay fixed to a single state or province. It’s recommended that you know about the skip tracing process before acquiring the respective service. This way, you can keep track of progress.

For one, you may be looking into a case that lacks substantial information to follow legally. While private investigations are legally allowed, hiring an investigator for your case can result in undivided attention from a professional.

Here’s how skip tracing in OKC proceeds:

Verification of the Individual’s Information

One of the prime reasons you cannot contact an individual or approach the case is that you lack the right information. To make sure that they don’t go through the same hassle of following a dead lead, private investigators first verify the information of the individual that you’re willing to find. For instance, if it’s a case of a missing person, like someone from a minority group has gone missing, or if a debtor who owes you money has gone AWOL, the investigator will first verify their information.

Strong leads often end right on this stage of the process because the private investigator providing skip tracing service can verify the real contact information.

Gathering Additional Public Information

While this stage of the process isn’t common, some investigators offering skip tracing in Oklahoma City tend to go through public databases for information. Sometimes, valuable information ends up on public databases, while it can be a complete waste of time on other occasions. Therefore, the effectiveness of skip tracing in conjunction with public records and information is quite less than in private databases.

The most common types of public records and databases that a typical skip tracer will go through include:

  • Credit card forms/ applications
  • Address history
  • Credit reports
  • Utility bills
  • Driver’s license (and its history)
  • Criminal background checks
  • Court records
  • Traveling history
  • Tax records
  • Vehicular history
  • Loan history, forms, and applications
  • Phone number records
  • Job history and applications
  • Social media
  • Search engine activity

As the list of sources suggests, it can be highly time-consuming and frustrating to move through large databases like those above. But in the end, a skip tracer should make sure that there’s no loophole in the search for a wanted individual to solve the case. The information may not necessarily form a pattern, and thus, your skip tracer in Oklahoma City might have to spend a considerable amount of time connecting the dots.

Nonetheless, if successful, the results could help solve the mystery that you’re so curious about. On the other hand, if the time-consuming process doesn’t yield any results, there’re various other methods as well.

Running through the Suspect’s Contact List

When you’re searching for a case suspect, you should question the suspect’s family and friends just in case they know about their whereabouts. However, some cases can be sensitive, such as when they belong to the LGBTQIA+, African-Americans, or any other minority group. Therefore, it’s best to let a professional investigator provide the skip tracing service in Oklahoma City.

Sometimes, friends and family can reveal valuable information, even if it’s related to the suspect person’s household habits. Private investigators are well-versed in analyzing different scenarios, such as when the family or friends of the wanted person aren’t interested in sharing information.

In this case, the skip trace service provider will turn to the landlords, co-workers, and even the suspect’s acquaintances.

In the end, it might feel like you can complete the process by yourself without needing a skip tracing service in Oklahoma City. However, it’s a job well-reserved for professional individuals with licenses and proper clearance to access multiple types of databases. More so, skip tracing on your own can be extremely expensive since you’ll have to take out time from your schedule and spend money on gas as you move from one database source to another.

Where’s Skip Tracing Service the Most Effective?

Skin tracing in Oklahoma City helps find court witnesses and suspects who skip town and move other places to evade custody, legal actions, and monetary penalties. Here’s a list of cases where skip tracing has been extremely effective, whether it’s in Oklahoma City or other states of America:

  • Acquiring the location of potential real estate investors (buyers and sellers)
  • Finding lost loved ones among friends or family
  • Tracking clues in sensitive cases involving minorities like LGBTQIA+ or African-Americans
  • Locating court witnesses and defendants

Choose the Best Skip Tracing Service in Oklahoma City

Skip tracing service in Oklahoma City or all over the US, for that matter, is legally allowed. You can opt for the best private investigation services and skip tracing in OKC by contacting Keefe Private Investigations. Dr. Tinsley Keefe is a prolific private investigator offering reliable skip tracing service in Oklahoma City. You can learn about your loved one, help out a friend belonging to marginalized groups such as LGBTQ+, or pursue the money you’re owed with the help of an effective skip tracing service in OKC.

Call Keefe Private Investigations (also Oklahoma Statewide Private Investigations) to get affordable skip tracing services.

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