Difficulties with Skip Tracing

Difficulties with Skip Tracing - OKC

Skip tracing in OKC remains is the most effective means of locating recipients for a case. It has also been proven useful in locating debtors that are hard to locate. But while the methods through which they have to locate the individual remain the same, it is the investigator who brings the most to the table.

With TV shows and films sensationalizing these types of investigations, people have a skewed view of what is skip tracing in Oklahoma City is really like. It is a difficult process from start to finish, as most cases that they get are usually the hardest ones. And even though running away from a problem might seem like the best way for certain people to deal with a specific problem, that is not very effective in the long run. Skip tracers can be very accurate when finding the location for a certain person, but people rarely get to see the many challenges they face. Here are some of the difficulties they can face when locating an individual.

Major Issues They Face:

No Digital Footprint

The internet has revolutionized every industry that it has come into contact with, as it has become faster and more efficient. And when considering skip tracing, the same theory applies. With people having Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, they leave behind a digital footprint. This digital footprint is also possibly the most effective way to locate you.

And while it might say that “everyone” has an account on some major social media site, that is not the case with everyone. Some people prefer to live “off the grid,” and others tend to delete or erase their previous life when they decide to run.

Therefore, this usually leaves investigators performing skip tracing in Oklahoma in a tricky situation. Where should they start? With no digital footprint available, they usually have to start with interviews with their family and friends. Finding their relatives is just a part of the challenge. The second one is usually if they even want to speak to the individuals performing the process serving in Oklahoma City. Sometimes friends and family have not met the individual in days, weeks, months, or years, which can prove to be a dead end. Of course, the investigator’s experience in skip tracing services can also prove to be very helpful, as they can quickly walk through all of these initial problems and get straight to the best ways that they can locate another person.

Leaving the City or State

Sometimes, the professionals performing a skip tracing in Oklahoma city can get lucky and find the individual within the city hiding out the storm. And even if the city is big, they can easily find the individual and hand them over to the right people. However, they are not always so lucky.

Sometimes, the professionals will have to expand their search net to include other cities where the individual might run to. They will have to consider things like the money they had on hand, the types of transportation they could use, and places where they might have any relatives. Only when they consider all of these possible factors will they make any other decisions.

The first major way that they can deal with this issue is to again start with the individual’s relatives. They want to find someone who they could go to during this time. So even though they can run away, how far could they possibly go. They will also have to consider how much money they might have and the types of transportation they would take.

If the person has taken an airplane, they are leaving a trail behind that is fairly easy to pick up on. The investigators can easily find out where the individual is and follow them there. But if the individual has taken a car, they will first have to find the car and then cross-check it with other databases. Using these methods, they should find the person they are looking for and bring them to a judge.

Inability to Find Information on the Individual

Besides not having a digital footprint, it can be difficult to find information about certain people, especially when they are not outgoing or usually keep to themselves. They might not have any memberships to clubs, resorts, or gyms that the investigators performing the skip tracing service in Oklahoma could use to start. The individual might not even have a criminal record, or worse, using a fake id in various interactions.

Luckily, experts who perform skip tracing know their way around these issues by using exclusive databases where they will be able to gather relevant information about the individual that is not available on public search forums. Using these databases, they will be able to find out more about the individual and the places they would usually visit on the internet. Even if they were browsing through a VPN or secure network, they will be able to find the websites they have been visiting, which could help the investigators performing the skip tracing in OKC get a better idea of where they might go.

Finding the Perfect Skip Tracing Service in OKC

Skip tracing in Oklahoma has always proven to be an effective way to find someone. And with the right investigative team, you can easily find the person you need to without having to worry yourself. At Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers, our professionals are more than capable of tracking down your person of interest and ensuring that they receive your message.

With the right type of people involved, you will find whoever you need easily. Dr. Tinsley Keefe and Dr. Makayla Saramosing are working on your case. No one is too hard to find.


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