How Can Process Servers in Oklahoma Help Real Estate Agencies?

Process Servers in Oklahoma Help Real Estate Agencies

Who Is a Process Server?

Service of process can be performed by anybody over the age of 18, not a party to the case. That individual could be a professional process server, a county sheriff, or even a friend.

A process server that serves more than ten court documents per year must be registered in Oklahoma. They must register with the court clerk in the county where they live or operate their primary business.

Businesses that plan to provide process services must also keep a registration certificate on file. Some persons are not required to register as process servers. Officers of the law are not needed to register. Attorneys and their staff and anybody appointed by the court to serve the court’s process are exempted from registration.

Neither licensed private investigators nor their staff is required to register. In addition, professional photocopy officials who respond to records production requests and subpoenas are also not required to register.

Process servers in OKC are not required to complete a course or have a specific education to serve legal documents. However, the process server in Oklahoma City is responsible for knowing and understanding the laws related to serving legal documents in the state. In addition, process servers in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, must post a $2,000 bond or cash deposit.

Many process servers offer various clients, ranging across many different industries. We at Keefe Private Investigations (KPI) can serve any document requested by our clients, including those related to the real estate industry. The real estate industry can benefit significantly by hiring a skilled process server in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Many real estate companies hire Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers (OJPS) to serve foreclosure documents.

A foreclosure is a drawn-out process that entails many various requirements that must take place before the foreclosure is considered valid in the eyes of the law. It progresses in stages, each of which must be carefully completed and documented. Anything fewer risks invalidating the entire process.

The majority of foreclosure documents are lengthy, and they usually include the following:

  • Notice of default
  • Notice of increase
  • Notice of intent to foreclose
  • Notice of sale, among other papers.

All of these documents must adhere to specific regulatory or statutory criteria.

Suppose a foreclosure notice is found to be defective at any time during the process. In that case, the only way may be to reopen the case from the beginning. A lack of sufficient foreclosure notice can completely void a foreclosure sale in the worst-case scenario.

Anyone participating in foreclosure, including real estate professionals, should do everything possible to ensure that all paperwork is completed and that the foreclosure papers are served on time.

There isn’t enough time to take chances. Entrusting the assignment to a professional process server trained to meet and comprehend such foreclosure standards is the best approach. This ensures that notices are delivered to the appropriate persons at the right time.

A process server in Enid, Oklahoma, at Keefe, Private Investigations, can do just that.

Process servers in Ardmore, Oklahoma, provide various clients across many industries. We pride ourselves on serving any document that our clients request. Over the years, process servers in Lawton, Oklahoma, have developed a strong relationship with the real estate industry. In our professional opinion, here is how the real estate industry can benefit the most from hiring a skilled OKC process server.

Mortgage and banking vendors make up a sizable portion of our clientele. Regrettably, they frequently require our assistance in serving foreclosure documents.

To best serve our real estate clients, we use innovative software systems to digitally transfer information and deliver a speedy and seamless data transfer.

Each process server in Edmond, Oklahoma, employs a specially developed mobile app to record the time of service, photos, GPS location, and the date and time steps. Our clients can easily view this information in real-time on our secure website.

Process servers in Altus, Oklahoma, also service landlord/tenant documents. Our mission is to serve these documents promptly so that our clients can receive a quick judgment. We will put these documents on the door of their last known residence. Also, we will take numerous images of it in extraordinary circumstances where tenants are avoiding our servers or have already moved out.

This, however, is only employed as a last option. In addition to a printed copy being mailed, an affidavit and images will be forwarded to our client. If you’re a real estate company in need of a process server, give us a call today. You can find out how we can help you deliver your documents swiftly and efficiently!

Process servers can be a great help if you want to prosper your real estate agency. They can assist in dealing with different kinds of issues that a real estate agent can face while dealing with different people while being in the real estate business. In addition, process servers are legal officials who can help you sort out many issues that are bound to happen while dealing with property sales and purchases.

Keefe Private Investigations (KPI) is a group of experienced process servers that you can hire if you get stuck with any issues. Our team has years of dealing with a job that involves process servers.

We assure you that you won’t regret hiring us. We will get you through the process without any further issues. So contact our team today and book our services today. Our team will do well to understand your needs and offer you customized services according to your requirements.

You can get in touch with us through the mail. Write us down, and we will get back to you. Our team members will get all the details and drive a strategy that will work the best for you. The experience and knowledge of our team will most definitely get the results for you, and you will choose us again.


The role of Oklahoma process servers in real estate can not be overemphasized. Our team of qualified experts is available to assist with your real estate needs.

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