What makes Polygraph Examination essential?

During a polygraph examination, also known as a lie detector test, several physiological indicators such as blood pressure, pulse rate, respiration rate, and skin conductivity are measured and recorded. At the same time, a person is asked and answers a series of questions. Based on the fluctuation of these physiological indicators, the device or procedure determines whether the person is speaking the truth or not, and the results are reported.

There is a widespread notion that deceitful replies will result in physiological reactions that can be distinguished from those associated with non deceptive responses, which is the basis for using the polygraph.

Of what use is a polygraph examination?

Polygraph examinations are used as a screening interrogation tool for candidates for sensitive public or private sector employment and suspected criminals around the world. One example is that the Oklahoma Statewide Private Investigations has their polygraph examination in Oklahoma, conducted by a polygraph examiner from Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers (OJPS) make information regarding polygraph examinations in Oklahoma City accessible to anyone interested. For more details and clarification, Dr. Makayla Saramosing Is the go-to man.

What is the purpose of administering a polygraph examination?

It is commonly accepted that polygraph exams are performed for three different reasons. These are as follows:

Evidentiary examination

There is an agreed-upon written and declared purpose, which is to present the analytical opinion of the examiner as evidence in a planned court of law procedure.

Investigative examination

When a polygraph examination is performed to supplement and assist an investigation, and the examiner has not been informed of the investigation and does not reasonably believe that the results of the examination will be tendered for admission as evidence in a court of law, this term is frequently used by Keefe Private Investigations. KPI has the best private investigator in OKC.

Specific issue examination

A single-issue test is usually always performed in connection with a criminal inquiry. If you need clarifications and further information about this or proceed, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Dr. Tinsley Keefe of the Polygraph Examination Center Oklahoma City

A polygraph examination must be performed properly by a polygraph examiner who is well-trained and competent. For example, polygraph examination OKC is carried out by a professional polygraph examiner OKC.

It makes use of an established testing procedure that has a high degree of accuracy in determining if a person is speaking the truth or lies.

People commonly ask the following questions:

  • What is the mechanism of action of a polygraph machine
  • what questions are often asked during a polygraph test, and
  • what is the purpose of a polygraph examination are all topics that people commonly ask?

Mechanism of action

In combination with blood pressure and heart rate, the equipment detects changes in the subject’s breathing rate and the amount of sweat produced. It is believed that a person who is lying has involuntary physiological reactions that may be detected by a polygraph device, which is why this test is used.

Increased blood pressure and sweat are among the changes that occur. Rapid breathing and pulse are also among them. A polygraph examiner from Oklahoma City relies on in-depth knowledge of this process to perform their duties.

Frequently asked questions during a polygraph examination?

During the polygraph examination, the examiner has a broad range of questions to ask the subject. This set of questions will consist of three to four pertinent questions, with the remaining consisting entirely of control questions. All of the questions are either “yes” or “no” in nature.

Responses to inquiries that solicit views, sentiments, or mindsets are not utilized since they cannot be classified as either honest or untruthful. Likewise, the answers cannot be separated into truthful or misleading categories. The following are some samples of the most often asked questions during a polygraph examination.

  1. Is your name Paul?
  2. Are you 20 years of age?
  3. Were you born in the year 1997?
  4. Are you engaged in this activity?
  5. Is your dog’s name Frank?
  6. Is your birthday on February 20th?
  7. Do you rent an apartment?
  8. Do you know about the said incidence?
  9. Do you live at the said address?
  10. Are you guilty of the act as charged?
  11. What day of the week is today?

A handful of those questions are purposely deceptive in their answers. Consider the inquiry concerning one’s age and the year of one’s birth as an example. An individual who is 20 years old now would not have been born in 1997. It is necessary to include these questions to identify both correct and erroneous replies.

Who uses the polygraph?

Different sectors, including government agencies, law enforcement agencies, the business sector, and even the legal community, employ polygraph examinations for various purposes. These sectors include law enforcement agencies, government agencies, the private sector, and the legal community.

law enforcement agencies

All law enforcement agencies ranging from the federal to the city level use polygraph examination, which a professional polygraph examiner administers. For example, in Oklahoma City, a polygraph examiner from Oklahoma is employed to interrogate and get the truth from suspects and criminals.

Legal Community

U.S. Attorney Offices, District Attorney Offices, Public Defender Offices, defense attorneys, Parole & Probation Departments all use the polygraph examination to obtain information that contributes to the decision of a case before the court of law.

Government Agencies

A polygraph examination is done before the appointment of individuals in government offices. A polygraph examiner OKC examines the selected candidate to ensure they do not have any skeletons in their cupboard.

Private Sector

As part of the assessment of its staff members, some private business carries out a routine polygraph test.


A polygraph examination is an always in vogue process and method. A polygraph examination is not restricted to just security agencies but a vital tool for evaluating truth and trust; for this particular reason, it must be done by a professional. In Oklahoma, a polygraph examiner in OKC can be hired for a polygraph examination. If having doubts about the efficiency of this, you can contact Dr. Makayla Saramosing of the Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers.


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