Do we all need a polygraph examination?

need a polygraph examination

Why is there a need for a polygraph examination in today’s day and age? Did you know that polygraph examinations are termed mandatory for many Job applications? Some Private investigation agencies offer Polygraph examinations as well. For example, the Keefe private investigations conduct polygraph examinations in Oklahoma City. A Polygraph examination at OKC will be valid Nationwide in the U.S and abroad. Hence, it’s worth checking out.

A private investigation agency named Keefe private investigation (KPI) is exceptionally viable with this process. Dr. Tinsley Keefe runs the agency alongside Dr Makayla Saramosing. It is highly trusted by many and provides highly accurate results.

What is a Polygraph Examination?

A polygraph examination is widely known as a lie detector test. The test gets done using a device that records bodily responses such as respiration, heart rate, blood pressure, and perspiration. All these results get used to determine whether the person is telling the truth or not.

The purpose of a polygraph examination is determined by where it gets used by measuring physiological responses. For example, it is used in ‘security screening’ to identify those individuals who pose a threat to national security.

Types of Polygraph Examinations

Two main types of polygraph examinations are lifestyle and counterintelligence.

Counterintelligence. Counterintelligence is where the individual may get asked questions such as espionage, terrorist activity, or sabotage. It came out as a design to filter out traitors who are in contact with foreign agencies and are at risk of compromising sensitive information.


Lifestyle is where personal questions are asked; regarding illegal drug activity or manipulation of clearance forms. It gets an aim at finding out the exact details of misfortunate happenings.

How a Polygraph examination gets handled

Though the results given by polygraph tests are not admissible in court, they are subject to be cleared for job applications with border patrol or as an intelligence agent. When applying for a government position, it is mandatory to undergo a polygraph examination; however, it depends on the industry itself for private industry positions.

There is a tester who administers the exam. The room where the exam gets handled is where only the subject and tester are present.

The tester then proceeds to ask a series of yes/no questions as a polygraph screening. While the subject answers, data gets collected via the physiological changes that the subject outputs.

There is also an operator which analyzes the data and then determines whether the subject is lying or not. However, since many operators choose the lies by changes such as increased perspiration or pulse, the tests sometimes prove inaccurate.

Questions asked in a Polygraph test

Polygraph examiners in Oklahoma are knowledgeable and tricky. They ask you multiple questions, for which you have to answer yes. They would ask you questions like do you live In Oklahoma City? The answer is yes. Do you know the capital of our country? The answer is yes. Do you know your full name, home address, and father’s name? The answer to all these questions would be yes. And then comes a tricky part where they will ask the relevant question: “Did you kill your husband.” And when the answer gets revealed, the examiner will check the polygraph for the validity of the solution. That’s how a polygraph examination takes place. There is a variety of questions that they can ask you.

You could expect anything from these examiners of Oklahoma City. They can ask guilty knowledge questions, questions about your dark secrets, about your relationships, about your dirty desires, basically anything. These questions are irrelevant, but they get grouped to be examined and compared with relevant questions they have asked so they can conclude easily.

Polygraph Question Techniques

There are three most used techniques in polygraph examination in Oklahoma. They are as follow:

  1. Relevant/irrelevant technique (R/I technique)

There is the traditional R/I technique, the Federal Government R/I technique, and the use of R/I in screening tests.

  1. Control question technique (QCT technique)

It is the most common technique used. Examiners ask past deeds questions and questions to control your mind and thoughts.

  1. Concealed information technique

This technique gets used to detect whether the victim has information about the crime or not.

What to keep in mind while aiming for a polygraph examination

If you, as an individual, find yourself having to undergo a polygraph examination. Here are a few things to note.

  1. Relax

Follow your usual routine, whether it’s having coffee before you step out of your home or riding your bike on an empty stomach. Do not panic. You will do better on the test by not making a huge deal out of it. Try not to overthink too much of the situation.

It is advisable for individuals suffering from an illness or pregnant women not to take the test.

  1. Don’t Explain

Even if the examiner asks you to speculate in responding with your answer, do not do that. You are not being marked based on how many exotic vocabulary words you know; a simple “I don’t know” will do better.

  1. Don’t Study

It is highly advisable not to ask about how the polygraph gets done for other individuals. Remember, a polygraph is to weed out your lies. Everybody tells different types of lies. Attempting to study for the exam or preparing for it by looking at how it’s been for others will only stress you out. Instead, you could review the questions that could get asked and how the whole process is polished.


On an ending note, the initial question was whether we all need a polygraph examination or not. The answer is you don’t need it unless your job requirements state otherwise.

Oklahoma Statewide Private Investigations carries out these polygraph examinations in Oklahoma; if you want to undergo the polygraph examination for fun or work purposes, they will guide you through it all.

Polygraph examinations are also widely used in television dramas or interviews. There are high chances that the information may be tampered with, unfortunately. Suppose your results as an individual opting for the polygraph examination seem inaccurate. In that case, you can consult your nearest Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers (OJPS) to retake the test.

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