Oklahoma Conduct Child Custody Private Investigations in El Reno, OK

Child Custody Private Investigations in El Reno, OK

How Child Custody Private Detectives in Bethany from Private Detective Agencies in Del City, Oklahoma Conduct Child Custody Private Investigations in El Reno, OK

Hiring a private investigation agency to help in a child custody case has become necessary now more than ever. Child custody cases overtime brings out the worst in both parents or people fighting for the custody of a child. In other situations, they could try to find evidence that would harm the other parent while enhancing their own credibility in front of the judge.

During this custody battle, a lot goes on, and the evidence required is not also lacking. Evidence is often necessary to help the judge come to a decision. So, getting the services of a private investigator Norman, Oklahoma, will be helpful depending on the information they can get.

What Does a Child Custody Case Investigation Mean?

In most divorce or custody cases, the goal of a child custody investigation is to look into how the kid is receiving care and love. The information from this investigation usually helps the court make an informed decision on who is the best possible parent or guardian for the child. The reason is that the court wants the child to have the most excellent possible life and guarantees they will receive the best care.

In most cases, an investigation entails the private detective seeing how parents or guardians treat and interact with the child in question. Usually, the investigator’s report and conclusions are being given to the counsel for one of the parties.

The court may receive the report, which is applicable to custody assessments. A child custody investigation is beneficial to give the courts trustworthy and good proof when the parents are divorcing, separating, or need custody of the child. The information must be credible.

There are various reasons or justification an attorney, court, or parent has for hiring a private detective during a child custody case. The primary reason is to determine who is better in getting the custody.

Knowing if a parent or guardian shows carelessness or hazardous conduct, having an informed decision for visiting privileges, stability, and way of life are some of the reasons. During an investigation, information regarding criminal behavior or if they have been indicted in the past is discovered.

Domestic abuse on the child or parent on the child, sexual assault on the child or any other person that has been discovered or found, physical assault, etc., may be uncovered and helpful.

How a Private Detective Conducts a Private Investigation

Knowing why investigation in a child custody case is essential is helpful. It keeps you informed and gives reasons why you should hire one if you ever need one. But how does a private detective conduct their investigation in El Reno, OK?

Social Media

Social media is the first proven method a private investigator OKC investigating a child custody case often relies on. A lot of information is obtainable through research with the help of the target’s social media profile media makes it easy to pinpoint their friends, close acquaintances, work, etc.

Most people tag individuals they are close to or share their locations on their stories. With the help of social media, a private detective can know more about the person they are conducting an investigation. Their dealings, beliefs, and values can be easily provable. From the information, they can learn how to conduct more investigations.

Additionally, a private investigator can use the information gotten here to follow the target quickly, especially if they share their location. It is easier to follow the person without drawing attention. But, most individuals have locked profiles, and some do not share much about themselves.


Another method a private detective in El Reno, OK, uses is surveillance. This method of investigating a child custody case requires skills. Following someone around without them having an idea is not easy. But, a private investigator Oklahoma City has that skill.

While conducting this information, the private investigator Oklahoma will most time, record videos and snap pictures of the person they are following. These media can be used as evidence when necessary. For example, it can be proven if the person will not be a good parent or guardian to the child because of some illegal activities or bad character.

Investigating this method is quite popular and a suitable method. At Keefe Private Investigations, the private detectives have also used this method. However, the investigator using this method of conducting a child custody case investigation has to be careful. Some people being a private detective follows around sometimes report to the cops that they have a stalker. this report can make a private detective get a bad reputation. So, caution should be applicable during work.

Getting Information from People

private detective in El Reno, OK, does not neglect using the most straightforward method in conducting their child custody case investigation. This method is getting information from people. It could be from acquaintances, family members, or neighbors.

The people the private investigator Edmond Oklahoma asks questions usually give information that may or may not be helpful in the investigation. A family member or friend may explain how the person is or is not a good person to raise the child because of their actions.

The information can also be helpful to the detective in letting him or her know where to dig deeper.

Online Public Records

Private investigators who use this method of conducting an investigation do this quickly. It only takes time to scour through the amount of information they have online. A stable internet connection, and a laptop are necessary.

An investigator can get the information they need with reliable online services that charge a small fee. Complete background checks can be run, and other checks can be carried out. Criminal records can be discovered, which is necessary for the court’s decision.

Final Thoughts

The use of a private investigator in a child custody dispute has several benefits. But, knowing some of the methods they use in getting the information, you will be presenting at the court is equally important. The methods discussed here are frequently used by several detectives.

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