What Private Investigators at Private Detective Agencies Actually Do

Private Detective Agencies Actually Do

Private investigators in Oklahoma City at private detective agencies are trained individuals that conduct investigations on different cases. They dig up facts, unravel mysteries, and gather evidence that prosecutors/defendants can present in court to support a case. Private investigators in Oklahoma are not concerned with law enforcement or criminal apprehension. Their work ends when they’ve gathered enough information and undeniable evidence on a case.

Private investigators’ employers (attorneys, individuals, or businesses) can then use information or evidence from hired private investigators in Oklahoma City to prosecute an offender and bring such a person to book. This is the scope of work for any private investigator in Edmond, Oklahoma, from a private investigation agency in Piedmont, Oklahoma.

However, in some special cases, a private investigator in Enid, Oklahoma, OK, from a private investigation agency in  Guthrie, Oklahoma, can be a bodyguard for important personalities or individuals. Below, we look into private investigators’ services and how they go about them.

Possible Cases a Private Investigator in Oklahoma City at a Private Investigation Agency in Edmond, OK, Can handle

As mentioned earlier,  private detectives in Oklahoma’s scope of work involves gathering evidence, digging up facts, unraveling mysteries, and analyzing information on various cases. These cases can be family-related, businesses-related, or something outside both. We look into them below:

  • Cheating Spouse Investigation

This is the most common family-related issue private investigators in Oklahoma City from good private investigation agencies in Oklahoma handle. The private investigator in Edmond, OK, handling such a case is required to gather evidence to prove a spouse’s infidelity.

The private investigator in Oklahoma from a private investigation agency in Enid, OKC, conducting a cheating spouse’s private investigation must remain as discreet as possible, stay within the constraints of the law, and keep their bias away during an investigation. This is important to find the truth of the matter. Evidence from this investigation is usually used during the divorce process or as the recipient deems fit.

  • Child Custody Investigation

Child custody investigation in Oklahoma City is another family-related private investigation an Oklahoma private detective handles. The Oklahoma child custody private investigator from a private investigation agency in El Reno, Oklahoma City, must find evidence to prove the subject unfit to keep custody of a child. It is usually needed during the divorce process.

The court or one of the divorcing parents can ask the private detective in OKC  to conduct this service. The private investigator in Oklahoma City handling this case must maintain the utmost professionalism. It’s illegal to create make-believe evidence when there’s, and do not underreport or overreport your findings.

  • Background Checks

Businesses can hire a private investigator in Oklahoma City to conduct background research on potential employees. This helps them know if a potential employee possesses any threat or not. Background checks have become more of an investigation technique for private investigators in Edmond, OK, from a private investigation agency in Piedmont, Oklahoma, conducting private investigations in Oklahoma City. It is done during almost all kinds of private investigations, making it an essential activity for private investigators in Oklahoma City.

  • Skip Tracing

Private investigators in Ardmore, Oklahoma, private investigators in Enid, Oklahoma, private investigators in Piedmont, OK, and private investigators in Edmond, OKC, all carry out skip tracing. It involves searching for a missing person who either deliberately leaves town or left out of force or threats.

Skip tracing involves checking user databases, leveraging intelligence, social media surveillance, CCTV tracing, etc. These information sources can give a lead to the subject’s new whereabouts. Private investigation agencies in Oklahoma have private investigators specially trained to conduct skip tracing and document retrieval easily.

  • Fraud Investigations

There are different kinds of fraud, each requiring strong evidence to ensure perpetrators are stopped and brought to book. Thus, businesses or individuals can contact a private investigator in Oklahoma City from a private detective agency in OKC for this service. Insurance fraud investigation is the most common.

Some unscrupulous individuals lay false claims to defraud insurance companies of huge amounts of money. This is a rampant crime in OKC, prompting many insurance companies to seek the help of private investigators in Oklahoma City to mitigate this. Private investigators apply different investigation techniques that can help them gather solid evidence to corroborate or dispel such claims.

  • Sexual Assaults Investigation

Sexual assault private investigation is a sensitive case requiring well-trained private investigators in OKC. Top private investigation agencies in Oklahoma usually have private detectives that specialize in conducting sexual assaults private investigation in OKC. The sexual assaults private investigators have the needed experience and skills to conduct a proper investigation that can help unravel the truth without negatively affecting the victim’s mental health.

With the rise in sexual assault crimes, more private investigation agencies in Oklahoma are ensuring their private investigators have needed resources and undergo the necessary training to handle this case effectively.

  • Homicide Investigation

A murder investigation is the apex case a private investigator in Oklahoma City at a private investigation agency in OKC can handle. It requires a lot of experience and time to unravel a murder case, and homicide private investigators in Oklahoma City usually have the luxury of both factors most times.

Families unsatisfied with police investigations usually contact private investigators in OKC for this service. Homicide private investigators in Oklahoma handle cold cases the most, but they can also work in tandem with the police department on current cases.

How Private Investigators in Oklahoma from Private Investigation Agency in El Reno, Oklahoma, Carry Out their Services

Private investigators in OKC handle any of the above mentioned cases by generating leads and gathering evidence using appropriate investigation techniques and tools.

These techniques could include surveillance, background checks, interviews and interrogation, crime scene investigation, access to public and classified databases, and leveraging intelligence. This is the basis of all private investigations, but it may become complex depending on the case’s nature.


Private investigators in Oklahoma City, at private detective agencies in Oklahoma, can handle different kinds of cases. Their scope of work involves finding useful information and gathering corroborating evidence supporting their employers’ position on these cases. A private investigator’s employer could be a business, attorney, or individual.

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