The Latest Trends In Background Checks For Criminal Records

Trends In Background Checks For Criminal Records

The increase in safety and liability concerns for most companies has contributed to the continual growth of the background check industry over the years. Nationwide background checks for potential employees have become an essential part of the employment process that most companies do not overlook.

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However, the checks for criminal records have evolved from the conventional means. Technological advancement, policy reforms, and the global pandemic outbreak have brought about some new trends now being adopted by most background screening agencies and hiring companies.

We look into some of the latest trends below.

Latest Background Screening Trends For Criminal Records

Advanced background screening has gone beyond merely checking criminal records. The safety of the workplace and the company’s integrity are also essential. This is why there’s a need for some of the highlighted trends below.

  • Real-time Continuous Criminal Monitoring — This latest trend is fast becoming one of the most adopted background screening techniques. It allows employers to find out when an employee has fallen short of the law after being hired.

This implies that an employee will still be monitored throughout employment beyond pre-employment screening.

This trend reduces the days it takes for employers to find out their employee has defaulted, as they’re immediately alerted when such a thing occurs.

  • Social Media Screening — Studies have shown that 70% of most employers in the U.S conducts background social media screening on their prospective employers, and about 45% do the same for current employees.

Social media is a powerful platform that can make or Mar a company, which is why companies need to ascertain their Representatives (employees) are maintaining the best practices.

An employee’s wrong utterance or engagement can chase current and potential customers away from a company. The kind of content an employee also engages in affects the company’s public perception and image.

  • Trial Employment — This trend is being adopted due to the lack of luxury of time to fill up vacant roles in most companies.

Hence, most companies offer prospective employees a chance to work on trial, pending the background screening and criminal background check.

If the result of the check comes out clean, the employee can retain his job permanently.

  • Leveraging A. I — The use of artificial intelligence in the criminal background check process and pre-employment screening as a whole makes it seamless, swift, and less biased.

Companies can now leverage automated systems like APS (Applicant tracking system) to process most of the paperwork during the employment process, reducing HR’s burden.

APS helps track each candidate’s process and stores all relevant data on each prospective employee. It can also automate the background check process, if it is linked to an automated external system.

This is just one aspect of leveraging A. I (artificial intelligence) is fast becoming a leading trend.

  • Remote Employees Identity Verification — The pandemic has made many companies switch focus towards remote hiring. Remote hiring has reached an all-time high post-pandemic.

Hence, there’s a need to address safety concerns for remote workers hired into a company’s workforce without any physical meeting.

This need is what birthed the trend of identity verification for remote workers. It allows you to identify your remote workers and make necessary background checks on them.

  • Use Of Commercial Database — Third-party background screening agencies like Oklahoma Statewide private investigation and Keefe private investigation access restricted databases to conduct thorough criminal background checks.

These databases serve as data aggregators, they’re developed by various proprietary firms. Data found on them are obtained from numerous public sources, including prison systems, county courts, and state agencies.

This data can be screened to check for important information about a potential employee. If there’s an existing criminal record, it will reflect in the prison system data or the court’s data.

  • Vaccine Verification — The Covid-19 pandemic and other discovered strain has made this a gradually adopted trend in background screening and pre-employment processing.

The workplace’s safety is a top concern, and every company wants to make sure every one of its employees is vaccinated against this virus, and the workplace is free of any potential risk of exposure to the virus.

  • Ban-the-box — Ban-the-box is a fast-rising criminal record check trend that aims to provide a level playing ground for everyone irrespective of his criminal history.

The movement is trying to get offenders to go through normal employment processes without an ‘early knockout punch’ because they tick the criminal history box.

The idea behind the trend name is the box that comes with most employment applications in the U.S that ask about having criminal records.

If more companies can follow this trend, repentant criminals and ex-convicts may have a goal of getting a proper job.

Legal provisions are binding some of these trends. For example, a company has to be careful not to invade an employee’s privacy during social media background screening.

To avoid legal issues of privacy invasion, it’s always advisable to consider using an external criminal background check agency.

OJPS and KPI operate with solid legal guidance to carry out effective criminal background checks in Oklahoma and statewide background checks.

Trends will keep evolving year by year, with uncontrollable events contributing to this evolution. Companies need to keep up with these trends and adopt the most beneficial and applicable ones.

Companies could substitute this with employing the service of top background screening and criminal checking agencies that are updated about occurrences in the industry.

Whichever option a company finds appealing, ensuring every screening and background checks activities are done within the provision of the law is essential to avoid potential lawsuits.

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