The Use of Therapy Cats in the Office of a Process Server in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and Private Investigator in Edmond, Oklahoma

Therapy Cats in the Office of a Process Server in Oklahoma City

What may have seemed like the outlandish idea was, is it now a norm in almost every private investigation agency in Oklahoma and process server in Oklahoma City? The use of therapy cats in the office of a process server in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and a Private Investigator in Edmond, Oklahoma, has become fairly common.

The fascinating thing is that no one seems to be unhappy with the prospect of furry animals greeting them at workplaces or hopping onto their desks at mid-day. But then, they say cats are therapeutic, and in organizations where stress, tension, and anxiety pile up on a daily basis, such therapy is welcome. You will find cats a great addition to process servers in OKC and private investigation agencies.

Therapy Cats in a Private Investigation Agency in Oklahoma

It can be a trifle difficult to trust the advantage of having therapy cats around a private investigation agency in OKC or a process server in OKC, but research provides evidence. You see, if you’re not a cat lover or have had no direct experience of spending time with one, you might think the idea is merely an added burden.

But here’s the truth: a university in Virginia conducted a study some time back. In that, the research teams took samples of the saliva of employees. The results show that cortisol, the stress hormone, was present at high levels in it.

The study then had the participants spend time with cats in it. At the end of the day, they discovered that spending time with the goofy, furry friends reduced the cortisol levels by a great degree. Hence, as a private investigator in Oklahoma City, you’re sure to benefit tremendously, both mentally and emotionally, with a therapy cat around.

Perks of having a Cat in Your Private Investigation Agency in OKC

Not only a private investigation agency in Oklahoma or a process server in Oklahoma, but all office environments will benefit tremendously with therapy cats around. For starters, cats are by far the most low-maintenance pets around.

They do not consume much space or attention and tend to thrive in a reasonable setting, wherever you place it. All a private investigation agency in Oklahoma has to do is set some water and food in the litter box and let it relax.

Unlike dogs, a private investigator in OKC will not have to walk the dog outside every couple of hours to relieve themselves. In a private investigation agency, the staff works at breakneck speed because that’s the nature of their jobs.

Solving cases is far from an easy thing and, most days, are action-packed, unlike the calmer and quieter office environments. In such conditions, you can’t have an excited and overactive dog around nor find the time to walk it outside after intervals.

But cats are far different, and for a private investigation agency in OKC or a process server in Oklahoma City, they are also more beneficial. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages below:

1. Reduced Stress

Stress, anxiety, and mounting tension are regular features for a private investigator in Oklahoma City. There’s hardly a day in their career where they’re completely at peace, not worrying about pressing criminal activities and case-solving challenges.

But if one lets the stress and anxiety build up unchecked, the consequences could be disastrous. In addition to falling prey to chronic health problems, it could also reduce the quality and efficiency of their performance.

Here is where therapy cats step in. They provide the welcome reprieve private detectives, a process server in OKC, or a private investigator in Oklahoma City needs. Cats can refresh you emotionally, mentally, and even physically and prevent you from detracting from your motivation.

Therapy cats do a great job at reducing stress levels and keeping a private investigator happy even during the tensest bouts of case-solving.

2. Improved Communication

Often, a lack of communication between team members, especially the private investigators of a private investigation agency in OKC, can cause failure. If your team is failing to make a breakthrough, perhaps there is some hesitation somewhere to communicate thoroughly.

Cats can be the best ice breakers. If there are members of a private investigation agency in Oklahoma City who are hesitant communicators, therapy cats will easily fix that problem. It only takes a silly, goofy stunt from a cat to make everyone burst into laughter, and conversation starts flowing almost automatically.

Besides, having cats at a private investigation agency in OKC will give every private investigator there a reason to stop and have a chitchat with colleagues. This single variable could be enough to improve communication, teamwork, and interpersonal relationships.

3. Higher Morale

In a private investigation agency, the most important element is morale. In the absence of it, every private investigator in OKC or a process server in OKC may fail to perform their best. In order to be consistent in their performance, cats could be a constant source of moral boosters for the private detectives and private investigators around.

4. Increased Productivity

Again, the amount of stress, tension, and coming up against blocks when a private investigator in OKC is trying his/her hardest to solve a case could decrease productivity. Therapy cats are a source of recharging one’s energy and spirits.

When a private investigator in OKCtakes in a break from work, spends time with a cat and resumes with renewed energy and vigor, he/she will also likely perform better than before.

Final Thoughts

Therapy cats play an integral role in keeping the morale, productivity level, and focus high of every private investigator or process server in OKC at work. Before experiencing the emotional, mental, and even physical benefits of having cats around, people never thought they’d make a good addition.

This was especially true in the case of a private investigation agency in Oklahoma City. But now that research to has provided concrete evidence, as well as the positive personal experiences of nearly every private investigator in OKC, therapy cats have a special place in workplaces.

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