Dealing with a Suspect’s Territorial Cat as a Private Investigator in OKC

territorial cat

Pets are always a great companion to have. They can offer comfort and care while also being very effective in helping deal with stress. And even though dogs are very attentive and listen to their owners, cats live a very carefree, low-maintenance life. So although they can sometimes be friendly to their owners, they can be very difficult to deal with for outsiders, especially a private investigator in OKC.


When they are trying to perform their investigation, a cat can be very disruptive or can actively try to hinder the investigator’s efforts to get a statement from the suspect. The private investigator in Oklahoma will already have their hands full with the investigation, and the last thing that they would need is for a cat to disrupt their investigative efforts. And despite just how cute they can be, cats can also be very territorial, making them even harder to control.

A private detective already has to go through a lot on their daily job, as they try to finish their case as soon as possible. Since they will usually receive half of the payment to start and the rest to finish the case, they have an incentive to finish the case early. And a territorial cat that is hindering their investigation will only make things much harder.

Not to mention, the Private investigator in OKC could be working on a very serious case, and the suspect is rarely cooperative. So when they are trying to take the suspect’s statement or are trying to gather evidence, the cat can be very difficult to handle. Therefore, many private investigators have to learn how to deal with a cat that can be very defensive about intruders in their space. This is especially important if the cat is prone to aggression, as their aggression could make handling them much more difficult.

How to Better Handle a Territorial Cat

Some cats can be friendly to the people that enter their house, as they don’t mind the extra company. They may come close and look for affection and even sit next to the stranger. Other cats might come close but will lash out when the stranger, in this case, the private investigator in Oklahoma City, tries to touch them. Them sitting next to the stranger is a way for them to assert their dominance. These are usually harmless but can stop the detective from moving or reaching for certain things, as the cat might find these movements hostile.

Some cats will usually stay far away and keep their distance. As long as the private detective is not close to the cat, they will be fine, and the cat will not bother them. Finally, the ones that cause the most trouble are territorial cats, that will come close to the stranger and will try to attack them. These types of cats can be the most difficult ones to deal with, as they can start yowling, growling, or attacking anyone that goes near them. These are the types of cats that a private investigation agency in OKC fears the most, as they are completely uncontrollable. They will not listen to their owner and will not rest until the individual is completely gone.

Considering the predicament that these types of cats can cause, the best course of action is usually to keep them in a different room. Since they will continue to attack the private investigator in Oklahoma, going to a different room might be a better solution, even if the cat is uneasy while outside. The space can allow the private detective to work without any distractions.

Trying to meet the individual in a different location

If the individual’s house is not necessary, then calling them out somewhere can be a better solution to a territorial cat. Since they will interfere with basic questioning, meeting the suspect outside can allow the private investigator in OKC to ask questions without any possible interference easily.

Another benefit to meeting the suspect or witness outside of their home is that it offers an even ground to both the private investigator in Oklahoma and the individual. Sometimes the individual can become uneasy when answering questions inside their home since they sit with a stranger. On the other hand, the investigator might also feel uneasy in the suspect’s home since it is a foreign environment. And by deciding on a location outside, both will be on equal footing, as neither individual has the upper hand.

So other than trying to stay away from a territorial cat, choosing a different location also means that the private detective in OKC will also be comfortable.

Allow the Cat to Socialize

Some cats can be very aggressive to the people that enter their space but can become friendly over time. Allowing them to socialize with a private investigator in OKC can allow the cat to feel more comfortable. They may even like the new individual, which is usually what happens when they are introduced to someone new. Even if they do not start to like the new individual, they could be at ease that the new person in their space is not a threat, which will allow them to not interfere with the investigation.

Finding the Right Private Investigator in Oklahoma City

A good private investigator in OKC can make all of the difference when dealing with a specific case. So if you are worried about finding a good PI that can also deal with territorial cats, then Keefe Private Investigation can help. Out detectives have the experience and the skill to effectively close an investigation, easily getting your desired result.

We can work on cases surrounding extramarital affairs or even missing people, where we can get you the result you need. The important thing about finding private detectives in El Reno is that they can get results quickly. And at KPI, we try to bring you the fruits of our investigation as soon as possible.

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