Nashville, Tennessee Rape PI Guilty or Innocent of Child Sexual Assault?

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Introduction to the case

Sexual assault of any kind is considered terrible because of the trauma the victim of such a wicked act faces. When a child is the victim of such a heinous act, it becomes worse because the child is powerless, may not even understand what is happening to them, and does not know how to get help or recover from it without the support of an adult who have already failed them. This is why today’s discussion is important.

Meet the perpetrator

A 41 year old Nasville, Tennessee private investigator called James Searcy II saw the end of the road for him when on the 18th of december 2023 he was charged into the Metro Jail. This man had charges of raping of a child, another three counts of raping a child and on count of child endangerment. In an official report, it was confirmed that Searcy was employed as a probation officer for Davidson County General Sessions Court from July 17, 2006, until Sept. 24, 2015. From that point, he was employed as a court officer until March 29, 2018.

The Crime

Allegedly, James Searcy forced a 12 year old child to give him oral sex several times between November 2022 to December 2023 which is a long time. Not only did he do that, he allegedly gave her hard drugs for sexual acts like cocaine and marijuana. He also drank alcohol with this girl notwithstanding her age. All of these information were available in court documents and the information gotten during the forensic interview that was conducted with the child. This is disheartening because he is supposed to know better and do better. Additionally, these sexual abuse and child endangerment happened in his home which is situated in Ashland City Highway. One begins to wonder why he was not stopped and if his neighbors were truly unaware of his actions.

Getting caught

Just like for every criminal, James Searcy’s actions caught up with him when a search warrant was executed and carried out in his home. His alleged rape and child endangerment was reported to the police department, so the warrant was executed and obtained. A week before he got arrested by the police, an investigation was opened into his case in the Metro Nashville Police Department.


Currently, James Searcy is in jail because of his wicked actions.  This is as a result of the investigation that was led by Youth Services Detective Matt Mrowiec. We can only hope that besides being punished for his crime, he repents from it and do not carry out such heinous crime on another person, especially a child”

The way forward

It is the duty of everyone to work together to remove crime from our society. The role you play is important and crucial. In a crime like rape or sexual assault of any kind, feel free to report because the law enforcement agents are there to help you. There should be increased awareness of sexual assault, particularly child sexual assault in the society. Victims of sexual assault should be given adequate support to help them move on from their abuse. Additionally, justice should be served and perpetrators of sexual abuse and assault of any kind should be held accountable for their actions


The case of James Searcy II shows that even the seemingly good and upright people have skeletons in their cupboard. So, if you see anyone who is committing any form of crime, feel free to report to the law enforcement agencies. At Keefe Private Investigations, we know that you want justice for the pain you or your loved one went through. You get that justice without evidence and evidence is gotten when a private investigator investigates on your behalf. We have trained private detectives to help you. For more insights or our services, visit us at or Like, share, and subscribe for more informative content. Until next time, please stay alert and if you see a story you want us to feature, send us a message.”

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