How Does a Process Server in OKC Usually Take Care of Their Cats When Out

Process Servers Take Care of Their Cats

Process servers in Oklahoma can have a very difficult job delivering a court notice and documents to the defending party. They will usually have to do all of that while worrying about missing the deadline. It is important to understand that process servers only have 90 days to serve the process to a defending party, after which the case will be canceled if they fail.


While you might be thinking that 90 days is a long time to make a simple delivery, the truth is that a “simple delivery” can be quite frustrating at times as well. People who can be expecting a court notice might hide out in their homes or might try to run away to avoid being summoned. And if they happen to do this, a process server in Oklahoma City will now have a much more difficult situation on their hands.

They first have to find the individual, and only then can they deliver the documents to the defending party. The process server in OKC will also have to get the defendant’s signature as proof that they have received it. And even though many courts recognize the use of email as a good way to serve process, process servers will still want to get a signature from the defending party to ensure that there is no confusion during the trial. and when things go right, a server can play a vital role in ensuring justice is served.

As you can see, the job of a process server in Oklahoma City can be very difficult and usually involves them staying out late finding the right person. It is also a very stressful job, so many servers tend to keep pets in their house to better cope with their stressful job. And the most common choice that they make with their pets is getting a cat. But while they are out on the job, how can process servers better take care of their cats?

How Process Servers in Oklahoma Take Care of Their Cats

For the most part, older cats can be very independent and only come to their owners when they want affection, food, or play. Other than these very specific instances, cats will usually mind their own business and will go about their day as they please. Compared to dogs that can become restless when spending too much time away from their owners, cats are very calm.

One of the reasons why process servers in OKC tend to bring cats into their homes is that they are generally very low maintenance. They don’t need constant care and attention. They can clean themselves, don’t need to go out for walks, and they don’t become restless when waiting for their owner. Therefore, the process server doesn’t have to be as concerned about their cat as it does.

As for food, process servers in Edmond can even get a simple automatic feeder that will feed them at various intervals. So even when they are out, their cat will get the food it needs. And as long as the process server can come home and give their cat a lot of attention and play with them a little, the cat will be happy. But there are a few ways the house can make much safer when leaving the cat alone there. Some of these safety tips include:

Putting Perishable Items Away

You always want your house to look good so you might decorate it with a vase or some of the other beautiful decorations. But to a cat, they will always see those decorations as toys, which is why they will start to mess around with them, eventually dropping them on the floor. If OKC’s process server has multiple pets, this fun curiosity could hurt the other pets.

Other than the sound of the impact that could put the cat at the edge, there is also a chance that they could get hurt trying to play with the shards. Or worse, they could scatter the shards, leaving the next person to enter the house in trouble, as they now have to walk around carefully. So by keeping any perishables out of the way, the house can be a much safer place for them to play.

Closing Doors to the Outdoors

Indoor cats live significantly longer than cats that stay outside, as other cats, dogs, and cars could hurt them. So the best way to keep a cat safe is to keep them indoors, even if they want to go out. Taking them outside under proper supervision can be a good alternative to letting them out independently.

Before they leave, process servers will close the doors to their home and various other entryways that their cat could squeeze out from. They will also have to be thorough since cats always squeeze out small cracks and open spaces.

 Giving Them Affection When Around Them

The most important way to make a cat feel more loved and appreciated is to give affection. So even though a process server cannot leave their job to look after their cat, they can give them attention when they return home. That type of attention will still make them feel loved, and cats can usually only take so much until they have had enough.

Finding the Right Process Server in OKC

Getting the right documents to a defendant is essential to winning a suit in court. Therefore, you need a process server in OKC who has the knowledge and the skills to deliver the documents. Not only will a process server be able to find the individual, but they will also be able to bring back plausible evidence to show that the defendant has received their documents. So if you want the help of expert process servers in Oklahoma City, you can contact Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers to help you deliver the court notice and relevant documents.

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