Will Process Servers in OKC Be Relevant Even With the Increased Automation of the Industry?

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While most process servers in Oklahoma City remain an essential part of the eh judicial system, some have had fears of automation possibly replacing them. And with automation becoming such a major part of the industry, could their fears be justified?

Process servers in OKC have a fairly difficult task, as they are responsible for sending essential documents to the defendant. Of course, the task is rarely as simple, as they will sometimes be responsible for delivering these documents themselves. And when they have to deal with difficult defendants who either will not accept the documents or become actively violent with the process server. So when dealing with these circumstances, Process servers in Oklahoma have to go through a lot.


And even though the federal government has allowed process servers in Oklahoma City to send out the notice through an official email, it does not have the same response. Since they have to bring in proof that the defendant received the notice and documents, they can rarely get that same response from an email. So with that in mind, they will usually have to go in and deliver the notice in person.

Even though automation has come about in some way throughout the industry, specifically with emails, many wonder if automation could outright replace process servers entirely. And while it is certainly possible, it is very unlikely that process servers in Oklahoma City will be replaced anytime soon. With their overall commitment to the serving process, robots cannot compete with them.

The Wave of Automation

Automation has long been a concern for many, as robots and AI continue to consume many jobs. As more and more people become aware of the effects of automation, there is a real concern among process servers in OKC. Small jobs throughout the world were the first to go with self-checkout cashiers or automated ordering machines. Apps like Uber Eats completely take regular cashiers out of the equation, as people send out their order through the app, and the restaurant will have it ready for them.

And in terms of delivery, both Amazon and UPS have been experimenting with using drones to send packages to their customers. These drones will most likely replace delivery workers, who are also integral to process servers in OKC. Courier services and their delivery workers would often be essential to the serving process, as some would send the notice and documents through a courier. It was faster and allowed the process server to focus on other responsibilities.

But with drones taking up a lot of the delivery process, process servers in Oklahoma might have to work with them as well. It will not be easy adjusting to the new change, and there are a lot of risks associated with using drones for deliveries. The benefits far outweigh any potential risks that they might come with. Therefore, it is very likely that these companies will actively disincentivize individuals who are looking to make use of delivery workers instead of drones.

Of course, automation is becoming a more serious issue for most people, as they are afraid that they might lose their jobs. Some reports also claim 45 million Americans could lose their jobs by 2030, but some believe that these reports are greatly exaggerated. Automation has not stopped at threatening the jobs of process servers in OKC. It also seems to be taking over many jobs in the warehousing industry.

Both the logistics department and people working on the ground have to contend with how automation permeates their warehouses. Through the Internet of Things, companies can easily track items on shelves, which can help them replace people on the ground who keep track of inventory. And as people who collect supplies in warehouses for Amazon could lose their jobs to various types of moving shelves and collection robots.

Could Process Servers in OKC Lose Their Jobs to Automation

Of course, the real question is, could process servers in Oklahoma City lose their job to automation as a whole. But that question in itself thinks that process servers do a single task when they are responsible for many other important tasks. They might have to locate the defendant, and when they can find them, they will be responsible for delivering the notice as well.

Tracking the defendant, also known as skip tracing in Oklahoma City, can be a difficult task. The individual could be hiding or could be actively avoiding receiving a notification. Since process servers only have three months to deliver the notice or the documents, defendants will usually try to hide away for that time. So finding them and then delivering their notice can be a difficult task.

So while automation can help with finding the individual, as it already does, it cannot replace that aspect of a process server in Oklahoma City’s job. At least for now, the personal touch for skip tracing in OKC is what makes it so effective in finding the right individuals.

As for delivering the notice, automation could take over certain types of deliveries. If the defendant is not difficult when being delivered, they receive the documents through a drone or an email. But as for defendants who have put up a fight, they need a more personal touch to be dealt with.

Finding the Right Process Server in OKC

Finding the right process server in OKC can be a little challenging, as you need to find someone who can give you the right service. And with Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers, you can rest easy knowing that you are getting the best process servers in Oklahoma City. Our process servers have the experience and the knowledge to serve process to defendants, especially the difficult ones effectively. They can very effectively serve the documents without any hiccup. The best thing is that they will make the delivery within the 90-day limit, ensuring the case is not affected.

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