Cats or Karens: A Private Investigator in Oklahoma’s Perspective on Cats’ Innate Need to Scratch Furniture

Cats can be a handful, and private detectives in OKC can share a few tips on stopping cats from scratching furniture.

Private investigators in OKC have a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders when they take over a case. Whether they are looking up an individual’s activities or have to find someone, there is always the expectation that they will deliver. This expectation takes a serious toll on a PI, as their reputation to deliver results often means everything to them. That is why they will usually spend their nights awake working on a case to complete it quickly.

But aside from the responsibility on their shoulders, there is also the general stigma surrounding their line of work. Despite often providing essential support to the justice and legal systems, private investigators in Oklahoma City are not seen in the best light. People think that they use underhanded methods to spy on people, which does have some truth to it. Most jobs that Private detectives in Oklahoma City get are that of spying and finding information on someone. But seeing how these are the most common jobs that they get, it is more of a consequence of their job.

They have also helped with various other jobs as well, like finding pets and or people that have gone missing. But with all of the stress, they tend to take on. Private detectives in Oklahoma Need to find a way to deal with it. In contrast, some will prefer to deal with their anxiety and stress with the help of a hobby or maybe some other type of activity.

Some private investigators in Oklahoma City will also have cats, as they can often be great at helping reduce stress and anxiety. Therefore, some private detectives have fairly experienced in owning cats, to the point where they can see why a cat may be exhibiting a certain behavior. More specifically, why do cats scratch furniture?

Why Do Cats Scratch Furniture?

Scratching is a very normal part of how a cat expresses themselves. Most private investigators in Oklahoma City have been able to see that cats will rarely scratch things like furniture maliciously but will instead do so instinctively. One of the most common reasons why certain cats scratch is that it is a way for them to relieve stress. They will usually get a good stretch in before deciding to tear into furniture since it helps them cool down.

Another reason why they could scratch up the furniture is that they are excited. A private detective in Oklahoma Will often finds a cat starting to scratch the carpet or a scratching post when they are playing. They will especially start scratching something when they are playing against other cats or will usually leave their marks on furniture when trying to climb it.

A lesser-known fact about cats is that their paws also have scent glands, which some private detectives in OKC were quite surprised to find out. Therefore, with these scent glands, they will usually scratch furniture in an effort to mark their property. They might even move past your furniture and rub themselves on it in an effort to mark it with their scent.

Cats will also scratch to remove the dead parts of their nails, which can irritate them considerably. So when they feel that irritation, they will usually try to take those dead parts off by scratching down on some furniture. Finally, they will often scratch something just to get a good stretch. Scratching is a natural part of how cats stretch, so it’s not uncommon to see them stretch out while using their claws.

How to Stop Them from Scratching Furniture

Cats love to stretch, and they love to exercise their authority on their owners. Therefore, despite your best efforts, it is very likely that they will scratch the furniture and shred it down to its husk. Luckily, private detectives in Oklahoma City have been able to find out ways to help a cat get out all of that energy without having to take it out on your couch.

One of the best ways to help your cat calm down is to get them a scratching post. Scratching poles or scratching platforms are a great way to encourage your cat to release their energy in positive ways since scratching is essential for a cat to feel safe.

Private investigators also found that just getting a scratching post is not enough for a cat since you need to find the right place to put it as well. The best place to put it is usually where they will spend the most time playing so that they can periodically release their energy by scratching the post.

You should also encourage cats to play with the different scratching surfaces by discouraging them from scratching the furniture. One of the best ways to discourage a cat from climbing onto furniture is to add aluminum foil to the surface. The sound of aluminum foil always scares cats, which makes it a great tool to use in getting them off your furniture. You could also use more citrus smells on your couch, which will keep the cat away from the couch. Cats always hate citrus smells, which makes it a great deterrent.

As long as you are patient with your cats and are able to help them feel more relaxed in their new environment, they will not scratch your furniture.

Finding the right private detective in OKC

Other than providing you with tips on how to deal with your cat that is scratching your furniture, our cat private detectives in OKC can offer much more. As private investigators, they can take on a multitude of unique cases, giving them the ability to solve cases with much more efficiency. So if you are looking for a private investigator in OKC who can help you with your specific case, why not visit us to have it done quickly.

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