German Revenge Mother Shoots Daughter’s Killer During Trial


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Introduction to the case

During the trial of her daughter’s killer, a German mother Marianne Bachmeier took matters into her own hands when she shot the accused, Klaus Grabowski in the middle of the courtroom. Many would say that the accused deserved it. But, this story sparks a wide range of emotions from people varying from sympathy, satisfaction, shock, outrage, empathy, etc. Shortly, we will be telling you what led up to this, and all you need to know about this mother.

Meet Marianne Bachmeier

Marianne Bachmeier was a West German woman, born on June 3, 1950. She died at the age of 47 on 17th September 1996 due to pancreatic cancer. She was the mother of Anna who was raped and killed by Klaus Grabowski. In the district court of Lubeck in 1981 where the trial involving the murder of Marrianne’s daughter happened, she killed Brabowski, her daughter’s murder.

The Tragic Loss of a Child

Marianne Bachemier ran a local pub in West Germany. Life was seemingly good with her third child Anna, her first two children had been given up for adoption. It was Bachmeier and her daughter against the world. One day, the same year-old Anna skipped school because of the argument she had with her mother. Unfortunately for her, her neighbor Grabowski who was a local butcher found her. She was found dead hours later because Klaus’s fiancee reported to the police. She found out that Klaus had strangled the dead Anna with pantyhose, put her in a cardboard box, and left her in the ban of a nearby canal.

The Trial and the Shooting

Klaus confessed to killing Anna but claimed she never molested Anna. To date, no one knows if he was telling the truth because he had a record of molesting children. Based on his story, the seven-year-old Anna had seduced him and when the 35-year-old Klaus turned her down, she blackmailed him, asking him for money. When he refused to give the money to her, she threatened to lie that he sexually, molested her, leading to his killing her. The defense attorney of Klaus claimed that his actions were based on the hormonal imbalance drugs he had taken. In Germany at the time, sex offenders were castrated, and because of th, they were hormonally imbalanced. During the trial, overcome with grief and the lies of Grabowski, Marianne pulled out a gun from her purse and shot him six times leading to his death. She did not in any way regret her action.

Motivations and Reactions

Marianne was sentenced to 16 years in prison in 1983, and people wonder if murdering her daughter’s killer only to end up imprisoned was worth it. Others saw Bachmeier’s action as an act of vigilantism and that Klaus deserved exactly what he got. So, the reactions from the public are diverse. On one hand, people understood her, while others condemned her actions claiming she was no different. Marianne declared “I did it for you, Anna” making most people declare that her actions were warranted.


There are so many people who can say that the murderer deserved what Marianne Bachmeier did to him. But, the question of whether it was morally and legally right to do so has left others on the fence because murder is a crime and has no justification. But, this German mother exerting her revenge shows that human beings deal with pain differently. For some grieving mothers, they would have let the law deal with the murderer, but that is not the case with Marianne. To prevent this from happening, we should not commit a crime and if there is ever an injustice meted out on you, please seek legal justice and get your closure. At OKC Private Investigations & Process Server in Oklahoma, we see the Importance of getting the best private investigation services and legal services you can get. So, for more insights or our services, visit us at you can email us at Like, share, and subscribe for more content.

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