Insights into the Minds of Kidnappers: A PI Agency’s Perspective

Kidnappers mind

Inside the Mind of a Kidnapper: A Kidnapping Private Investigator from Our Private Investigation Agency Goes Inside the Minds of Kidnappers

Our kidnapping private investigator explains that kidnapping is a problem that must be dealt with in our society. What goes on in the mind of kidnappers varies from one kidnapper to the other. Our private detective at our private investigation agency in Edmond, Oklahoma City noted that the reasons behind these crimes are difficult for psychologists and criminal profilers to explain because each kidnapper differs in several ways.

From investigations carried out by our kidnapping private investigator, it was seen that most of these kidnappers have some sort of fundamental sexual yearning. They sometimes have dreams that keep growing and influence their conduct. Additionally, our private detectives have made discoveries that the kidnappers all have personality problems of some sort. These individuals’ mental deficiencies lead them to believe that their needs are the center of the universe.

How Their Mind Minds Work

When our private investigator in Oklahoma City met with psychologists to explain what goes on in the mind of kidnappers and our private investigators working at our private investigation agency in Bethany, OKC, the psychologists believe that these psychopathic tendencies result from a harsh upbringing. Although the causes are more complicated than that.

People who have such a dysfunctional upbringing often feel helpless as they grow older. Also, they strive to make up for this feeling by exerting domination over other people’s children. Our kidnapping private investigator noted that their interaction with the environment may aid such acts. Most kidnappers don’t feel regret or compassion for the victims they have taken. But, they often trick themselves into thinking they do. They sometimes experience frustrating feelings at the fact that they feel nothing.

The PI in El Reno, Oklahoma City has discovered that the majority of these people suffer from personality disorders. These are typically noticeable in people who are unable to experience their own emotions as well as those of others. Some kidnappers have the presence of mild to severe signs of personality disorders such as narcissism and antisocial personality.

These kidnappers sometimes have quite strong delusions. Kidnappers may provide justifications for their actions. Also, their reasoning might expose incorrect beliefs and assumptions that lead to their actions as our Private investigator in Norman, Oklahoma City discovered.

Reasons Kidnappers Kidnap People

Kidnapping private detectives discover that kidnappers have various justifications for kidnapping people:


Most kidnappers claim that the nations’ high unemployment rates have compelled them to look for various ways to make money. Some of these ways are illegal. Rich person kidnapping is often seen as a lucrative business for them. Our private detective in Norman, OKC found out that since they are unemployed individuals. This means they require money, and they justify that kidnapping a rich person will bring them money.


A person incapable of reading or writing is illiterate. People who can read and write can develop the abilities necessary to further their education, and lead productive lives. A greater grasp of moral judgment and decision-making is improvable on a solid foundation of literacy and education. So, at our private investigation agency in Edmond, Oklahoma City we have seen various kidnappers use illiteracy as a justification.


One funny underlying reason for a lot of kidnappings in the modern world is religion. At our private investigation agency in Bethany, Oklahoma City our private detectives in Norman were quite shocked to find this as a reason. Some people are so particular about their faith that they continue to follow its teachings even when they are untrue. One religious leader might desire to take control of another. So, he instructs his followers to kidnap his competitors. and most of these kidnappers will agree.


While investigating a kidnapping, most of our kidnapping private detectives in Norman, Oklahoma City found greed as one of the reasons for kidnapping. Some people are naturally greedy. They want more than what they have.  They also wish they had more money to purchase expensive jewelry, automobiles, mansions, or clothes. To increase their income, this kind of person might turn to crime. A dishonest businessman may abduct his opponent for a hefty ransom to enrich himself.

How Kidnappers Lure Their Victims

In the course of kidnapping investigations, our kidnapping private investigator at our private investigation agency in Oklahoma City discovered ways in which kidnappers lure their victims:

Ploy During Events

Using this technique, the master of ceremonies asks the driver of a specific car to exit and move the car so that others can park. The kidnappers take the victim hostage as soon as he or she approaches his car and drive off in it. PIs in Norman and Oklahoma City found out they have been constantly using this method.

False Job Applications

One of our private detectives in OKC discovered that in this method, people who did not apply for the position are randomly selected to receive text messages inviting them to job interviews. They plan to capture desperate job searchers. Usually at a prearranged location and hold them there until their families can pay a ransom.

Use of a Neighbor as a Lure

Our private investigators in Norman, Oklahoma City see that kidnappers, rather than going straight for the residence of their possible victim, use the person’s neighbor as a ploy. They can get their way by making the neighbor knock on the door or gate of their potential victim. They assume that their intended victim would let the neighbor in by opening the door.


Despite the desire to help those in need, giving a stranger a ride could be a mistake. The reason is that kidnappers have used this tactic to abduct people. Also, at our private investigation agencies in Oklahoma City, we discovered that asking for a lift from strangers could also expose people to these kidnappers. The unknown victim asking for help or lift from their kidnapper is often the easiest one for these kidnappers.

Final Thoughts

Psychologists in addition to kidnapping private investigators in OKC have tried to deduce what goes on in the mind of kidnappers. The few mentioned here are some things they think about and how they perpetuate their crimes.

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