A Private Investigator in OKC’s Guide to Investigating Companies Which Use Cats for Cosmetic Products Testing & Humans Who Eat Cats as Food

Investigating Companies Which Use Cats for Cosmetic Products

Animal welfare is an essential part of U.S law provisions. Every every city under it, including Oklahoma must ensure it’s upheld effectively. This makes it a concern for private investigator OKC to investigate companies and individuals going against these laws. Studies have shown that over 19,000 cats are being abused in the U.S annually, with the most common crime against them being indiscriminate laboratory testing and consumption.

The Dog and Cat Meat Trade Prohibition Act of 2018 prohibits the slaughtering, transportation, sale, and possession of dogs and cats for consumption, making the eating of cats as food a crime in Oklahoma.

A private investigator in OKC concerned with animal welfare helps investigate these cases and nip them in the bud through effective investigation.

While the use of cats for cosmetic product testing can easily be investigated by a private investigator Oklahoma using appropriate techniques, it takes careful surveillance to dock humans eating cats as food. Private investigators in Oklahoma concerned with animal welfare are aware of how rampant these crimes are. Hence they go high and beyond to stop it through effective sensitization and bringing perpetrators to justice.

Below are the effects of using cats for cosmetic products testing or eating them as food in Oklahoma:

  • Reduced cat population/Risk of extinction — The long-term effect of these indiscriminate acts can, over time, lead to the extinction of certain cat breeds and an overall reduction of the cat population in the U.S.

Cats are known for their mental and emotional benefits. They are also useful for private investigations in Oklahoma. Hence, a private investigator in Oklahoma City needs to ensure they’re not a victim of cosmetic product testing or consumption.

  • Mutation — Exposure of cats to chemical products in the name of testing may alter some genetic factors. This can give rise to mutant cats that may be dangerous to humans or make them carriers of certain diseases.

Some companies have the habit of indiscriminately discarding cats after using them for product testing without considering the long-term effect of their actions. This act poses threat not only to the feline companions but to humans also.

Thus, a private investigator Oklahoma City can investigate such case, to mitigate the occurrence, and punish offenders.

  • Health Concern — Eating cats as food raises serious health concerns because cats are susceptible to toxoplasmosis and other contagious diseases. Most cat consumers get them from illegal shelter trades.

These cats aren’t usually tested or certified to be in the best state before consumption. Thus, most cat consumers are doing more harm than good to themselves without knowing.

Any private investigator agency Oklahoma can closely monitor nearby shelters, to uncover illegal trades, and put a stop to the unlawful consumption of cats.

There are no proven universal benefits for these two acts except for the perpetrators. This is why private investigator agencies in Oklahoma City responsible for Oklahoma Statewide Private Investigation deem it fit always to uncover such acts.

Keefe Private Investigators and their team of experienced animal welfare investigators OKC use well-thought-out techniques to investigate companies using cats for product testing and humans consuming them as food.

Below we look into how private investigators Edmond Oklahoma, private investigator Norman Oklahoma, and other private investigators Oklahoma uncover these inhumane acts against cats.

Private Investigators OKC’s Guide to Investigating Companies Use of Cats for Product Testing and Human Consumption of Cats as Food in OKC

Investigating cat use for product testing or consumption requires tactfulness from the private investigator in Oklahoma. Below are guides that ensure productive investigation and satisfactory results:

  • Leverage intelligence network — The easiest start-off point for investigating both crimes is to utilize intelligence leads. Every private investigator agency in Oklahoma must have a robust intelligence network to provide accurate information to make investigation easy.

A private investigator, Edmond Oklahoma intelligence, might be a worker in the cosmetic laboratory or someone that has close relationships with individuals having authorized access.

Neighbors, visitors, and close family members can give the private investigator OKC  intelligence on cat consumption crime. The  investigation becomes easier when the targets are known, and there is concrete prior information on them.

This will reduce the task of the private investigator to gathering evidence against the suspects rather than first establishing the crime they’re committing.

  • Don’t underestimate on-site investigation — Visiting the company laboratory in disguise, to gather information is an effective investigation technique. The private investigator Oklahoma City can ask subtle questions during the visit, which can help untie some knots in the case.

Being observant of the environment is also vital. Private detectives can find pieces of evidence lying around. However, they must remain as discreet as possible when carrying out this investigation.

Engaging the suspect in suggestive conversations about humans consuming cats can make them slip up. The private investigator OKC should be prepared to record any confessions but must avoid making any bold claims without concrete evidence.

  • Surveillance remains king — Every murder private detective in Norman Oklahoma and other Oklahoma private investigators can attest that surveillance is the most used, reliable, and applicable investigation technique for such cases.

Surveillance takes different forms, from planting recording equipment to stakeouts, stalking, etc. A private investigator in Oklahoma City can leverage applicable surveillance methods to gather information.

It can help reveal how the cats are transported into the laboratories/home, how their remains are being discarded, and other useful information that can aid the investigation.

A private investigation agency Oklahoma City should have needed surveillance equipment to make investigation easier for private investigators on field.

  • Make background checks — This approach cam help the private investigator OKC uncover many details about the prime suspects. Information from background checks can further strengthen the private investigator’s resolve on the suspects and aid investigation.

Looking into occurrences of similar crimes, past criminal records, history with prohibited items, etc., in the suspect’s records may be the missing piece of the puzzle the private investigator Oklahoma is solving.

  • Database review reveals a lot — For individuals consuming cats, a look into their cash outflow can give the private investigator Oklahoma City a strong lead. Auditing the company’s account can also help a private investigator unravel the use of cats for cosmetic product testing.

Companies usually deal with nearby shelters and buy stray cats cheaply. While some may be smart enough not to make the transaction untraceable, some may not be expecting such investigations.

For those smart enough to make the transaction untraceable, any of the other techniques above will definitely give the private detective a strong lead to follow.


Animal welfare is an important issue, and it’s viewed as such under the law. However, some companies and individuals still cross this line unapologetically.

Hence, a private investigator in Oklahoma concerned with animal welfare and other appropriate authorities must keep up the pressure to unravel each case and bring the perpetrators to book.

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