How to Hire the Right Child Custody Investigator in Oklahoma

Child Custody Investigator in Oklahoma

How to Hire the Right Child Custody Investigator in Oklahoma from a Private Investigation Agency in Oklahoma City For Child Custody Investigations

Sneaky Cat Investigation agency and other reputable private investigator agencies in Oklahoma usually have a department for child custody investigations filled with professional child custody investigators. However, hiring the right child custody investigator in Oklahoma is paramount to ensure your ward’s optimum safety or get your desired outcome in general. This article reviews how you can go about it.

What Does A Child Custody Investigator Do?

The difficulty in child custody negotiation during amicable separation with another half is a fact everyone attests to. While both parties want to ensure the best for their ward(s), there’s still a personal desire of wanting to be present in your child’s life, making child custody a difficult decision to make. You want your child’s custody, especially if you’re certain that your ex-partner is an unfit parent under the law.

A child custody investigator at a private investigator agency in Oklahoma City investigates this partner to find and record traits and activities that make them unfit, which can be used as evidence to win a child’s custody in court. You should know that a professional child custody investigator in OKC won’t fabricate facts and will only present what they see, hear, or observe after thorough confirmation.

In the absence of indicting proof, you can feel relief that your child’s safety and well-being aren’t threatened, and you may agree to visit and joint custody. A child custody investigator can work directly with the court or independently at a private investigator agency in OKC.

Why You May Need a Child Custody Investigator

The main purpose of hiring a child custody investigator is to gather evidence to prove your ex-spouse is an unfit parent. An unfit parent under the law is any of the parents that is incapable of providing needed guidance, care, and support for the child or the one that exposes the child to danger or threats due to their conduct and lifestyle.

When you know or observe any of these things in your spouse, you will need the service of a child custody investigator in Oklahoma City at a private investigator agency in Oklahoma to provide satisfactory child custody services for you.

The child custody investigator will hope to uncover evidence of substance abuse, neglect, child abuse, domestic violence, psychological disorder, etc. These can help your case in court and help you win custody of your ward(s).

Factors to Consider When Hiring Child Custody Investigator

The safety and well-being of your child are vital. Thus, you must get it right with hiring a child custody investigator in Oklahoma. Below are factors to consider before choosing:

Check Track record and Experience.

Ensure you thoroughly check previous clients’ opinions and public perspectives about a child custody investigator and the private investigator agency they belong to before hiring.

This is important to ascertain how reliable such a child custody investigator in Oklahoma will be. It also helps you gauge the level of experience, professionalism, and effectiveness in delivering your services.


Hiring a child custody investigator at a private investigator agency in Edmond, Oklahoma, while you’re in Mustang, Oklahoma, can’t be as effective as when you hire from a private investigator agency in the area where the person of interest resides. This implies that the location of your ex-spouse and your child should determine where you’ll hire your child custody investigator, not yours.

This shouldn’t be a factor if you stay around the same location. If otherwise, hiring a child custody investigator in Oklahoma familiar with your ex-spouse’s neighborhood makes the investigation swifter and seamless.


Determining the eligibility of a child custody investigator before hiring can save you from some legal consequences and help you avoid being conned. It’s not uncommon to find fake investigators offering to help at a measly fee. Thus, prevent yourself from this extortion by always requesting licenses to practice and other necessary identification means that can prove the investigator’s claimed identity.

Service Cost

Getting the best service at an affordable price is possible, and you should always be on the lookout for that. However, you shouldn’t prioritize affordability over service quality.

Ways to Hire a Professional Child Custody Investigator

Hiring the right child custody investigator in Mustang is as easy as hiring a handyperson for your home repair once you consider the factors above. Here are three proven ways to get the best hand to handle your child custody investigation in Oklahoma City:


Referrals are the most trusted source of getting the best hands to handle any service. You can turn to a friend or family that has recently used the services of a child custody investigator in Oklahoma or has knowledge about the child custody investigation niche in Oklahoma for referrals.

Usually, those who refer people are past clients with good experience, which is the first point on your list of factors to consider when hiring. Although, only trust referrals from trusted sources, and still make your findings before proceeding, leveraging the factors above as a guide.

Internet Search

Search for “Child custody investigator near me,” “Child custody investigator in Oklahoma City,” or any child custody investigation keywords that relate to wanting you to want on reputable search engines, and filter some of the top options for consideration.

Usually, this method isn’t as reliable as the direct referral, but if you can trust your discerning judgment, there should be no cause for alarm. Always ensure you quiz the potential investigators and see how well they can answer your questions concerning the investigation convincingly.

Social Media

Similar to internet search is social media search. Numerous social networks exist with millions of active users daily. Some are great child custody investigators, or others might know one. This option isn’t advisable if you want to remain discreet with the investigation. You must also consider necessary factors before hiring because hiring from social networks can be less reliable than the other.


Child custody is an essential concept and one of the most difficult parts of a divorce. You must hire the right child custody investigator at a reputable private investigator agency in Oklahoma to ensure your child’s optimum safety or total custody (If necessary). The guides in this article will help you get through with ease

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