What Factors Have Contributed to the Rise of Female Private Investigators in the Field?

Private detectives have been a staple of popular culture for decades now. From the somewhat PI Mikael Blomkvist to the ever so popular Sherlock Holmes and his many mysteries, there have been various Private investigators throughout different mediums. However, all of the most popular Private Investigators in pop culture have been men.


In fact, most PIs that many still see today in movies and TV shows are still men. Therefore, due to this dominance throughout various forms of media, the private investigation agency seems to be dominated by men.

But in recent years, there has been something of a revolution among private investigation agencies, as more women are starting to take on the responsibilities with the job. Here, we will be discussing the factors that have contributed to this rise in female private investigators in OKC.

Making Their Voices Heard

Many contributing factors have led to women becoming private investigators in Oklahoma. One of the major reasons does come down to a very misogynistic interpretation of the job and how it’s “a man’s job.” This interpretation has led many to challenge this notion as they take up being a Private Investigator in Oklahoma City to show how wrong that notion is.

And similar to how difficult it is for women to enter a mostly male-dominated industry, they have received their fair share of pushback. While the world has come a long way in taking women as private investigators seriously, even fellow private detectives in the industry would not support them.

But despite the pushback that they faced from the rest of the industry, they have managed to persevere and are the most sought-after Private investigators in Oklahoma City. It also helps that the adversity they faced allowed them to carve out their niche into the market, as they offer services that male private investigators in Oklahoma simply can’t.

More Representation in Popular Media

Another contributing factor to the rise of female private investigators in the industry is the increased representation in pop culture. From recent superhero private investigators like Jessica Jones to the ones that inspired the first wave of female PIs like Nancy Drew, there are plenty to choose from.

Even if people do not consider this an important factor for the rising rates of female private investigators in OKC, there is a case to be made here. Pop culture has always shaped perceptions around specific jobs. Top Gun shaped how people thought about navy aviation, and Sherlock shaped male private investigators.

As Sherlock continued to receive film and TV show adaptations, it shaped a perception of the private investigators and what they look like. It is now to the point where the first thing to come to people’s minds when they think about private investigators is Sherlock Holmes, regardless of the interpretation.

Therefore, it is safe to say that the rise in pop culture has contributed a great deal to the rise in female private investigators in Oklahoma City. And as they continue to get recognition, clients are starting to understand better the inherent benefits that come with these PIs.

An Increase in Demand

One of the most important reasons why there are more female investigators globally is a simple one. It’s because more people are asking for them now more than ever. People have started to understand the inherent benefits of a female private investigator, which is why more of them are coming into the industry. More female private investigators in Oklahoma can either go about a case or better connect with clients that other private investigators cannot.

They Can Make Female Clients Feel More Comfortable

Possibly the most transparent edge that a female private investigator has in a private investigation agency in OKC to her male peers is the fact that she’s a woman. And if another woman comes forward with a case, they will always feel more comfortable talking to another woman.

Not only can female private investigators better empathize with their clients, but they can also offer advice that is more practical from their personal experiences. Even some men can feel more comfortable talking to a female private investigator in Oklahoma.

A more comfortable client will always be willing to share more information with the private investigator in OKC. Furthermore, women might even be more inclined to share more intimate details with a private investigator, knowing they can trust them.

Hiding in Plain Sight

Another advantage that female private investigators in OKC offer their clients is that they tend to be less noticeable. As we mentioned earlier, men have very much dominated the public sphere when as private investigators. Therefore, it also means that men tend to be more noticeable when trying to follow someone.

On the other hand, female private investigators in Oklahoma tend to be less noticeable when they follow someone, mainly because of this public perception that people hold. They can easily follow suspects to various places without looking suspicious or out of place.

It also helps that female private investigators in Oklahoma can follow women into places like public bathrooms or clubs without thinking their way through a problem. And when it comes to approaching the suspect and talking to them, they will work their charms on them as well.

Finding the Right Private Investigator in OKC

Private investigators in Oklahoma can take on tasks that often require a lot. And with the right one, you can rest easy knowing that they will rise to the challenge. At Keefe Private Investigations, we will help you with any issues you might face.

We specialize in helping with various causes such as a cheating spouse, workplace discrimination, and even locating missing people. Our private investigators in Oklahoma City also have a lot of experience working with multiple people and don’t hold any biases.


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