Can a Process Server in OKC Take Her/His/Their Cat Out on the Job, Despite Her/His/Their Cat’s Aggressive Behaviours?

Process servers in OKC take on a very important responsibility where they need to deliver documents necessary for the case. And despite the task sounding simple for the most part, there can be a layer of complexity to it. That complexity usually comes in recipients, as they can either be unresponsive or outright hostile to a server.

Cat's Aggressive BehavioursSome can refuse the court notice as they do not provide the process server in Oklahoma City with the signature they need. There have been instances where servers had to wait outside the recipient’s home, trying to catch them when they left the house. This can be very frustrating for the individual delivering the documents since they will usually have to wait much longer than what their compensation will cover.

Luckily, not all recipients can be outright dangerous or uncooperative for the process server in Oklahoma has to deal with. They can sometimes be nice and welcoming but can pose an equal challenge for the server since they are not easy to find. They might not have updated their home address, or they might have moved out of the city entirely. They could also be living in a remote location or might not have a dedicated address of sorts.

In these specific situations, the process server in Oklahoma City will have to track the individual down. They need to find the recipient using skip tracing in OKC, which can allow them to deliver the necessary documents to them easily. And with the server only having three months to make the delivery, they are always under a lot of stress.

Some process servers in OKC deal with that stress by taking on other activities, while others prefer having pets. These pets will always help these process servers deal with their anxieties and sometimes even their depression in a meaningful way. But the question is whether they can take their cat out with them when working.

Taking a Cat on the Job

Cats are very independent animals, as they rarely require the same care and attention as most dogs. Instead, they usually need little affection from their owners, can use the litter in their homes, and can usually entertain themselves. When considering all of these factors, they also make for great pets to leave at home alone. But if the process server in Oklahoma City will be working for a long time, they might consider taking their cat with them.

While certainly independent, cats can also be notorious for their aggressive behavior, especially problematic for different people involved. Cats can sometimes be hostile when they are in an unfamiliar setting, often leading the owner to take certain measures to ensure that the cat calms down. The process server in Oklahoma City should only take their cat with them on the job if they know they can control it. If they struggle to handle their cat in the open, it could be an uncomfortable experience for everyone involved.

However, when working late shifts or trying to find the recipient, the cat can provide the process server in OKC with some much-needed company. So they can provide a valuable benefit to a process server if they can learn to handle its more aggressive behavior patterns. When they can control them better, they can be even better at taking on the job.

How They Deal With Its Aggressive Behavior

Cats have notoriously bad tempers, which can be difficult for anyone to control. Despite getting them to know the cat very well, even the process server in OKC who has the cat as a pet can face difficulties trying to calm them down. Therefore, they use a variety of techniques that can help calm a cat down.

Stimulating Their Cat

One of the first ways servers can help calm a cat down is by stimulating them in positive ways. This can usually include taking them on walks, giving them toys to play with, or just personal spaces where no one will disturb them. These are small but important things for a process server in OKC to set up, as they can help keep a cat calm.

Stimulating them this way usually leaves them too tired to be aggressive to other people, making them fairly docile. And as long as they have specific perch points or places to hide, they can go there to rest.

Using Diffusers or Calming Sprays

Anxiety is the main contributor to the aggression that cats can display, as they struggle with adjusting to a new location. If they happen to be getting too aggressive, the best way of dealing with that could be a calming spray. These products are especially popular because they can release pheromones that cats would release to calm down.

These can be very effective and are generally good at making a cat feel calm. Once they start to cool down, they are rarely a threat to anyone. But depending on these sprays also has negative consequences, so they need to use them sparingly.

Redirecting Their Aggression

Finally, a good way that a Moore process server can better manage a cat’s aggression is by redirecting it. Instead of trying to pet the cat or picking it up, they will throw a toy or try to get their attention.

Finding the Right Process Server in OKC

A good process server in OKC can make all of the difference for a particular case. And if you want one that can deliver the notice promptly, then Keefe Private Investigations can be of service. Our process servers have the skills and the experience necessary to deal with issues that a recipient could bring up. Whether they are hiding out in their home or have tried to flee to another city, our process servers in Oklahoma City can easily deal with these situations. Visit KPI today to find the necessary documents delivered.

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