What You Need to Explore About Catfishing and Online Dating Investigation

Are you looking for an online dating investigator? Nowadays, online dating has become a popular way of finding new people online and starting new relationships around the globe.

According to research in 2013-15, the use of dating applications and websites by young people aged between 18-24 rises three times. Moreover, about 15% of adults in the United States have used an online dating application or website at least once to meet people online.

Unfortunately, the increased use of online dating platforms for seeking companionship and romance has also provided an opportunity for scammers to take advantage of those people. This activity of creating a fake identity and persona to scam someone online is known as “catfishing.”

Catfishing has become increasingly common on online dating platforms. A research study conducted by Sift Science of online dating profiles concluded that about 10% of new dating profiles at dating applications were fake.

Catfish and online dating investigators can help to save you from the potentially harmful person that may harm you physically, financially, or emotionally.

What is Catfishing Online?

How can you come to know someone is catfishing you? Catfishing refers to a sort of online scam in which a person can take advantage of someone financially, emotionally, and even physically by luring them into a relationship. It is the most common scam at online dating applications and sites nowadays around the world.

In most catfishing cases, the perpetrator creates a fake profile at any online dating platform with fake pictures taken from other accounts, a fake online friend list, and an extensive fake background. Usually, the catfisher spends a long time with the victim to strengthen their relationship with them. Once they succeed in developing an emotional bond with the victim, they start using them.

What is a Catfish Investigation / Online Dating Background checking?

A catfish investigation or online dating background check involves the investigation to check the identity and information of the person on the dating application or website. You can hire a private investigator to verify the history and life of the person to check the authentication of identity and information provided in the dating profile. In short, an online dating investigator can help you to determine whether a person is real or faking his identity for the purpose of fraud.

How can you tell if you are being catfished?


A catfisher can be a part of an organization or network that traps people online for taking financial advantage or a lone person doing it just for time pass and fun. For an ordinary person, it can be challenging to determine and find a real identity. However, some signs can help you to decide that you are being catfished. They include:

  • The catfisher always makes excuses not to speak on voice or video call or meet in person. Each time you plan a get-together or make arrangements to meet in person, they have excuses.
  • They have minimal followers or friends on their profiles.
  • The person will demand money after telling you they have strong feelings for you or are interested in building a relationship with you.
  • They have very few photos in their profile. You might feel all pictures are a part of a series, such as a modelling shoot. It would be best if you considered it a sign that a person’s profile looks similar. Like any other average person, their profile should contain happy and sad everyday pictures.
  • They might get emotional or angry when you confront them for being fake or hiding their identity.
  • It might seem complicated to be true. You should listen to your instinct if you feel like things are too lovely to be true.

Who are Catfish Investigations/Online Dating Background Checks for?

Generally, a catfish investigation or online dating background check is initiated by hiring a private investigator by a person pursuing a relationship with someone online. In some cases, the background check is initiated by a family member, friend, or relative of someone who is in a relationship with someone via the internet for the well-being of that person.

Starting a Catfish Dating or Online Dating Investigation:

Catfish investigation or online dating background check consists of many simple steps. Private investigators use different techniques and methods for an online dating background check. A catfish investigation can consist of the following steps.

Schedule a Consultation: You can submit your case details online to schedule a consultation with an investigation expert.

Consult Your Case with the Investigator: Your investigator may ask for details of the case and the goals of the investigation. It might include questioning like:

  • How long have you been in a relationship with that person?
  • Do you ever meet them in person?
  • What is your current relationship status with that person?
  • What was the mode of communication (text, voice call, video call, landline, etc.)?
  • Have you ever provided any assistance to that person (financially or any other type)?
  • Do you have any specific suspect about that person?
  • What are your expectations and requirements in initiating this dating investigation?

Background Investigation Process: Usually, investigation or background checking by the investigators include some steps.

Identity Verification Check: It includes checking criminal records, inmate records, warrants, Sex offender databases, and many other such things to find identity and check background.

Marriage and Divorce Record Check: It includes checking of the marriage license, civil litigation, divorce records check, etc.

Employment Verification Investigation: Checking for the employment history of the subject and validating the employment details of that person.

Court Record Investigation: Court record investigation includes checking of court orders, liability records, Federal, local, or state criminal, and civil criminal records.

Additional Records Checking: It includes investigation of a diving license, reference check, etc., other investigative techniques like physical surveillance may also be used if required to check identity.

Case Update and Final Investigation Report: Your investigator will share all case updates with you in real-time. A final written case report along with any court-admissible pieces of evidence will be provided to you. Moreover, your investigator can testify in court in case of any legal proceedings.

What do Investigators Will Not do?

An Oklahoma dating background investigator will not attempt to provide any such evidence which needs to be collected by violation of federal and state laws, such as bank account checks or mobile phone records. Investigators will try to provide and verify the identity and background of the suspect by legal means. Experienced investigators can help to spot any red flag in your relationship that indicates catfishing to avoid any further financial, emotional or physical harm.

Final Verdict:

Online dating applications and websites have become a norm in the world. People are finding and building new relationships online without meeting in person and having friendships based on likes, followers, and friend lists. According to American Life Project and Pew research, about 59% of people who use the internet consider online dating applications and websites a great way to find and build a new relationship with people.

However, as the number of catfishing cases rises, this number might decrease. Catfishing investigation and online dating background check is a great way to check the background and identity of people with whom they are in an online relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

 How normal is catfishing on the web?

Over the most recent couple of years, a developing number of individuals have succumbed to catfishing, a beguiling and frequently expensive online con. Records show 18,000 individuals were casualties of catfishing, or sentiment misrepresentation, in 2018, as per the FBI.

Do people catfish on dating applications?

You may have seen people catfished in the MTV show. However, it’s furthermore occurring off-camera amazingly ordinarily. Also, one of the exceptionally run-of-the-mill spots to discover catfisher is dating applications. One report by Glamor uncovered that 10 % of pages on some dating applications are phoney.

What is the objective of catfishing?

Catfishing usually refers to a kind of online extortion wherein the cybercriminal makes a bogus internet-based character. Regularly, the motivation behind catfishing is to take the casualty’s character.

Does catfishing become a Crime?

Also, as a relationship propels, catfishing may transform into criminal claims or one more offense through the accompanying demonstrations: Infringing on licensed innovation by utilizing someone else’s picture, i.e., utilizing another person’s photograph to make a phoney persona.

How would you deceive a catfish on the web?

Just take a picture of your new heartfelt intrigue and transfer it into the picture search. You would then be able to see where their image is being utilized on the web. In case there are various web-based media accounts utilizing similar pictures under various names, you’ve got yourself a catfish.

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