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Keefe Private Investigations is back again for yet another mind-boggling case where we dig deep into humanity’s criminal acts and unravel the mysteries behind it. I’m Makayla, and today, we will be taking a spine-chilling dive into the world of human sex trafficking that extends from Palm Beach County here down to Miami. Remember, for top-notch private investigation services in Oklahoma, call Keefe at (405) 435-8355.”

Introduction to the Case:

South Florida, known for its sunny beaches and vibrant nightlife, became the dark playground for William D. Foster. Foster, masquerading as a benefactor, ran a widespread sex trafficking ring, deceiving and coercing young women into a life of exploitation.”

Background of William D. Foster:

William Foster, presenting himself as a philanthropist, operated a fake non-profit, ‘Foster’s Care’. This organization was a front for his nefarious activities. luring vulnerable young women with promises of assistance, only to trap them in a cycle of abuse and prostitution.”

Foster’s Philanthropic Efforts:

For all who needed help, Foster was on and available with his contact number on his non-profit website to help. However, a bone-chilling reality was about to hit the friends, family, and the world at large when a phone call came through to the National Human Trafficking Hotline in Detroit”

Mechanics of the Trafficking Ring:

Foster’s method was insidious. He preyed on minors and young women, often from shelters or group homes. Using deceit, manipulation, and threats, he coerced them into commercial sex, even forcing some to recruit others. The extent of his manipulation knew no bounds.”

The Police Raid:

On Sept 6, the police raided the hotel where the call came through, and this one raid opened the can of worms to a very disturbing human and sex trafficking ring that has gone on for over 15 years, coordinated by no other than the philanthropic and kind-hearted William Foster.”

The Investigation Unfolds:

The case against Foster began unraveling when several victims bravely stepped forward. Federal agents, piecing together the testimonies and evidence, exposed the grim reality of Foster’s operations, stretching across multiple states.”

Involvement of Accomplices:

In this act that spawned on for over a decade, Foster did not work alone. Two of his co-conspirators, Ashleigh Holloway, 37, and Hanah Chan, 32, aided Foster to recruit yound women and minors into this human and sex trafficking ring via his website, and other means. Preying on the ignorance of the young, unsuspecting victims who held on to his promise of a better life.”

Go Hard or Go Home:

With the help of his aides, Foster recruited these girls and promised his victims a good job and early retirement telling them he was investing in their future. Reality hit when these girls were taken into one of his homes and coerced into exotic dancing and prostitution with no end in sight. They worked eight hours a day for six days a week all year. They were blackmailed both psychologically and physically, and anyone who managed to escape was either unsuccessful or made it out with nothing at all”

Life Altering Changes:

As at the time the operations came to light, Foster had in his “business” over 15 women and girls, some of whom have been in this ring for close to a decade. He had them lose weight, and undergo breast and buttocks surgeries, nose jobs, liposuction, and even rib removals to shrink their already-tiny waists. All of these to entice wealthy men and make as much money as possible. They were placed on anti-anxiety and anti-psychotic medications to further harm their mental well-being”

An Interview with the FBI’s:

In an interview with the FBI, one of the victim, who worked for Foster for nearly seven years had enough and wanted to leave. Foster allegedly pushed her onto the bed and punched her in the head. “He told us he was investing the earnings into business ventures that would fund early retirements as long as we stayed in his employ indefinitely” But when the women tried to leave, he refused to give us any money”

The Shocking Denial:

Even with interviews and investigations, family members and friends of Foster were in total disbelief and denied. the allegations against their trusted friend and family. His attorney “David Howard, outrightly denied the allegations under the guise of an absence of evidence man . Who declined to give his name but said he was a friend of Foster’s spoke in his defense. He was described as a nice guy loved by women by a friend who refused to drop a name in the Palm Beach interview”

The Trial and Sentencing:

In a landmark trial, Foster faced the consequences of his heinous crimes. Sentenced to 60 years in federal prison, his downfall serves as a stark reminder of the harsh reality of sex trafficking in our society.”


In March, Foster and his aides pleaded guilty to the charges of sex trafficking, human trafficking and prostitution. In addition to the charge that attracted a 60 year sentence. The judge ordered a $14 million restitution to be paid to his victims alongside a forfeiture of $3.4 million. Once again, the heavy arm of the law clamped down on yet another human and sex trafficking ring. After close to two decades and saved many from a life altering disaster

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