Hiring a Private Investigator: 7 Questions You Need to Ask


Hiring a Private Investigator

Many people encounter situations that warrant hiring a private investigator who will not cause an issue later. The best way to do this is to know your standing with the investigator and confirm the details ahead.


Some might prefer to get credibility directly from people who have hired these investigators, while others don’t have that luxury. In this situation, you can ask questions to confirm if an investigator is suitable to handle your job. Let us check out some of these questions that you should ask them.

Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a private investigator

Confirming the identity of a private investigator before hiring them might sound hard, but it’s pretty easy to do. However, it can be tricky since you can only ask questions based on your career and not your personal life. You want to get your case resolves quickly, but you don’t want a fake or inexperienced investigator to handle it. Below are some crucial questions you need to ask to know if the investigator you are hiring is qualified.

Do You Have a License?

The first and most important thing you should do is confirm that a private investigator is licensed to practice. Many states, if not all, require a license for an investigator to practice. These licenses are given based on some requirements. If you are hiring a private investigation agency, ensure you also make this confirmation and do not assume.

Licenses also help guarantee that the private investigator possesses the basic requirements to handle your case and is recognized. If your case might span across another state, you will need to confirm if his access is also accepted there. Ensure you view the license and note some details when verifying his identity.

How Much Experience Do You Have?

After confirming that your private detective possesses a license, you need to know if he is suitable for the job. The best way to know this is to get his track record which includes the timeframe of practice in his career.

You get to know how many years of experience he has helped you gauge what he has to offer you. Everyone wants a private investigator who knows the ropes and does a great job quickly and efficiently without any issues. Verifying this little detail before hiring an investigator will save you the stress and expenses incurred when hitting a dead-end.

What Are Your Working Hours?

Your private investigator‘s work hours are as important as verifying his license, insurance, and getting his level of experience. The reason is that the culprit will not wait around for working hours to carry out their laid-out plans. Spouses will cheat, and criminals will commit crimes regardless of your investigator’s timeframe for his working hours. Ensuring that the private investigator you are hiring works round the clock helps you factor out this particular issue. It also enables you to keep your case active and on the move till your goal is achieved.

Do You Prioritize Insurance?

The career of a private investigator OKC and others have widely known to be prone to encountering issues that hinder the job. It could be an accident that makes the investigator incur injuries or an outbreak that restricts the case from proceeding. A way to avoid all these is to confirm directly from the investigator ahead if he prioritizes insurance. You should also verify the nature of the insurance to prevent unwarranted issues and expenses later. If your investigator is not insured, you will have to take responsibility and attend to the problem that arises.

How Confidential Is Our Contract?

Many people will likely want to prevent any issue of their cases from being released to the general public. They would also like to hire a private investigator to remain confidential regardless of the results. All private investigators will let you know that your case is personal, but you need assurance before going ahead.

Ensure you get the investigator to explain the plan he intends to use for the confidentiality of your contract. However, you should know that some situations might override your agreement warranting him to reveal your identity. Some of these situations can be a legal issue with the identity request from a court or judge.

Do You Have Testimonials?

Testimonials are essential to prove an investigator’s track record and years of experience in the industry. These testimonials, also called references, are proof of jobs done for other clients as an experienced private investigator. The best thing is request testimonials similar to the case you are bringing to him.

It helps you gauge his ability to solve it and also lets you know how he responds to similar cases. You should be aware that he might not reveal the details without the permission of those clients based on agreement. However, some private investigators tend to request permission before disclosing testimonials, so you can ask if he does that.

Are You Open to Court Appearances?

Any private investigator you hire should be readily available to make a court appearance and testify if the need arises. It is not an extra service that is added based on contracts but a compulsory one that should be included.

Court appearances among the services of a primary contract with a private investigator and refusal mean he is not trustworthy. Some cases will also need your investigator to work closely with your lawyer, especially in a court appearance. You should always ensure never to omit this question when hiring a private investigator as it could affect your case.


It is a business, but the upholding of the contract remains critical without losing the quality of service offered. If you worry about accommodating all issues, you will have to take responsibility later. You should always ensure you verify all crucial details before going ahead to hire a private investigator regardless of urgency. Factoring out those issues beforehand lets you to avoid any hindrance in solving the case.

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